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All-Star Baseball 2002
All-Star Baseball 2002.jpg
Developer(s) Acclaim Studios Austin
Publisher(s) Acclaim Entertainment
Series All-Star Baseball
Platform(s) GameCube
Genre(s) Sports (Traditional) Baseball Simulation
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Input methods
Compatibility 5Stars5.pngEdit rating: All-Star Baseball 2002
GameIDs GA2E51
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All-Star Baseball 2002 is an Traditional Baseball Simulation game developed by Acclaim Studios Austin and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Nintendo GameCube & PS2. It was released in the US on November 17, 2001. The series began in 1998 with the release of All-Star Baseball '99. The announcers John Sterling and Michael Kay have been added during the ballgame from 1998-2000 for N64. The final release in the series (due to the bankruptcy of Acclaim) is All-Star Baseball 2005.


Highlighted Menu Items

Items in the menu do not appear to be highlighted as they should be. To fix this, enable "Accurate Texture Cache" in your video plugin's configuration.


Without "Accurate Texture Cache"


With "Accurate Texture Cache"


Player Shadows

Shadows of players appear glitchy. I found no fix for this. In the picture below you'll see double shadows are cast off the batter and are squiggly.



Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed.


Config Setting Notes
Enable Dual Core Enabled


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