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Configuring Dolphin the right way is very important to run games smoothly. This guide will show you a "quick and dirty" example of how to speed up Dolphin. For a Configuration Explanation click here. Open Dolphin and you will see three buttons Config, Graphics and DSP.


Apply the following settings:

  • At "Fullscreen Display resolution" choose your display resolution.
  • If you want to play in 720p change the "Window Size" to 1280x720. For 1080p simply choose 1920x1080.

File:Dolphin emulator config.png

File:Dolphin emulator configuration plugins.png File:Dolphin emulator configuration general.png

  • Under "Graphics" it is important to check "Enable EFB copy To Texture" and "Disable Fog".
  • For some games like Super Mario Galaxy (SMG) the option "Enable CPU->EFB access" under "Graphics -> Direct3D" needs to be checked in order to be able to pull the stars. However, this can cause slowdowns.
  • If you are experiencing crashes in some games, check the option "Safe Texture Cache".


File:Dolphin emulator graphics.png

File:Dolphin emulator graphics plugin properties direct3d.png File:Dolphin emulator graphics plugin hack.png File:Dolphin emulator graphics plugin properties advanced.png

  • Under "DSP" uncheck "Enable Audio Throttle" and set "Volume" to 100%.


File:Dolphin emulator dsp.png

File:Dolphin emulator dsp hle plugin settings.png

The Gamespeed is too fast!

Some games like New Super Mario Bros or Super Smash Brothers Brawl run on modern Systems too fast. There are two ways to slow the Gamespeed down to normal:

  • Framelimit Off + Audio Throttle checked
  • Framelimit Auto + Audio Throttle unchecked

If that doesn't help you can also try to enable other settings like "V-Sync" or "16x anisotropy filtering".

How can I play in 720p or 1080p?

If you want to play in 720p go to "Graphics -> Direct3D" and change the Window Size to 1280x720. For 1080p simply choose 1920x1080.