007: Nightfire

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007: Nightfire
Developer(s) Eurocom, Gearbox Software
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series James Bond
Platform(s) GameCube
Release date(s) NA November 18, 2002
FR November 28, 2002
EU/DE November 29, 2002
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (4)
Input methods GameCube Controller
Compatibility 4Stars4.pngEdit rating: 007: Nightfire
GameIDs GO7F69, GO7D69, GO7E69, GO7S69, GO7P69
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007: Nightfire is a first-person shooter video game featuring the British secret agent James Bond. It's a sequel to 007: Agent Under Fire.

Emulation Information


007: Nightfire has a native 16:9 display option, but it requires enabling it in its internal options and setting Dolphin's Aspect Ratio graphics setting to "Auto". Using the widescreen hack with this title is not recommended.


VP6 Videos

007: Nightfire uses the VP6 video codec, common in Electronic Arts' titles, causing its videos to have vertical line artifacts and other glitches on NVIDIA graphics cards. The Software Render will display VP6 video correctly, but is typically too slow. VP6 rendering also reacts poorly to the Force Texture Filtering enhancements (and Anisotropic Filtering on NVIDIA), causing further scrambling. See issue 7193.

This effects video from missions "Paris Prelude", "Alpine Escape", "Enemies Vanquished", "Deep Descent" and "Island Infiltration".


No configuration changes are known to affect compatibility for this title.

Version Compatibility

The graph below charts the compatibility with 007: Nightfire since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred.

5.0-15421 (current)
2.0 (r5384)
Compatibility can be assumed to align with the indicated revisions. However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Please update as appropriate.


This title has been tested on the environments listed below:

Test Entries
Revision OS Version CPU GPU Result Tester
3.0-418 Windows 7 Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 3GHz ATI Radeon HD 5750 Game playable ~55FPS RootKernel
3.0-772 Windows 8 Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.2GHz NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ MP playable at ~60FPS, 100% speed. SP lagging when characters are in view. When the code cache clears it seems to fix itself and you get back at 60FPS, 100% speed. Omar007
3.0-840 Windows 7 Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.7GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Game playable at full speed both with HLE and LLE Sound Emulation in Single Player and Multiplayer modes. Few slowdowns are not noticeable if not monitoring speed % in OSD. Black and white garbage is shown instead of the correct videos in several missions. Only noticeable slowdowns I've experienced took place in missions involving vehicles (such as "Paris Prelude" while sniping in the helicopter). These slowdowns become considerably worse in LLE Sound Emu. FrankJaeger
4.0-1364 Windows 8 Intel Core i7-4770K @ 4.5GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 SLI Game fully playable with HLE and LLE Sound Emulation in Single Player and Multiplayer modes. Playable with 60FPS and 100% rendered. BUT ALL MOVIES ARE NOT VIEWABLE (BUG). No other bug or crash found. Xelion
4.0-5738 Windows 8 Intel Core i3-4150K @ 3.5GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 60FPS on all missions except for the car missions, where it will go down to ~40FPS. thebros35
5.0-3648 Windows 10 Intel Core i7-7700K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Would be perfect if not for a few cutscenes still being broken graphically. IceStrike256

Gameplay Videos