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{{Infobox VG
{{Infobox VG
|title        = Mission : Impossible - Operation Surma
|title        = Mission : Impossible - Operation Surma
|image        = [[File:Mission Impossible-Operation Surma.jpg.jpg|300px]]
|image        = [[File:Mission Impossible-Operation Surma.jpg|300px]]
|developer    = Paradigm Entertainment
|developer    = Paradigm Entertainment
|publisher    = Atari
|publisher    = Atari

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Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma
Mission Impossible-Operation Surma.jpg
Developer(s) Paradigm Entertainment
Publisher(s) Atari
Platform(s) GameCube
Genre(s) Action, Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-Player
Input methods GameCube Controller
Compatibility 4Stars4.pngEdit rating: Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma
GameIDs GMIE70, GMIP70, GMIJ70
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Mission: Impossible – Operation Surma is a video game for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube consoles and also the Game Boy Advance. The game was released in North America in 2003. The third-person action game was published by Atari and developed by Paradigm Entertainment.



Sometimes the sound glitches and the engine will play all the sounds for that level in a row.

Night Vision

Without correct configuration, the night vision just shows a black grainy screen. Also, when night vision works correctly, the pause menu has no background.


Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed.


Config Setting Notes
Force Texture Filtering Off
Disable Fog On


Config Setting Notes
DSP Emulator Engine DSP LLE recompiler


This title has been tested on the environments listed below:

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