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{{Infobox VG
|developer = Nintendo EAD
|publisher = Nintendo
|genre = Real-Time Strategy
|modes = Single-Player, Multiplayer
|platforms = [[GameCube]]
|input = GameCube Controller
|image = [[File:Pikmin2GC.jpg|300px]]
== Problems ==
== Configuration ==
<!--A full list of options is available at Template:Config/doc-->
== Version Compatibility ==
<!--Use this template for compatibility entries: {{VersionCompatibilityVersion|revision|****}}-->
<!--Replace 'revision' with an SVN revision number (like 6789), a Dolphin release (like 3.0), or a git revision number (like 3.0-50)-->
== Testing ==
<!--Use this template for test entries: {{testing/entry|revision=|OS=|CPU=|GPU=|result=|tester=}}-->
== Gameplay Videos ==
{{Navigation Pikmin}}
[[Category:Strategy games]]
[[Category:GameCube games]]
[[Category:Real-time strategy games]]
[[Category:Multiplayer games]]

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Pikmin 2 may refer to one of several titles: