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#REDIRECT [[PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond]]
|title        = PokePark Wii2
|developer    = N/A
|series      = ''Pokepark Wii"
|modes        = Single-player, multiplayer
|platforms    = Wii
Pokepark Wii 2 is the new title of the Pokepark eerie. It introduces the 5th generation pokemon and feature the possibility to have a party that can cooperate to fulfill objectives.
== Problems ==
As the older "Pokepark Wii" this game has problems after choosing the save slot and makes Dolphin crash without explanation when is attempts to load the first video.
== Testing ==
<!--Use this template for test entries: {{testing/entry|revision=|OS=|CPU=|GPU=|result=|tester=}}-->
{{testing/entry|revision=3.0-204|OS=Mac OS X Lion|CPU=Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2,66 Ghz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce 9400M|result=Crashed at the first video event. I managed to make Dolphin able to run modifying some settings, but I get a black screen with no output|tester=LeoTh3o}}
== Gameplay Videos ==
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[[Category:Wii games]]

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