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==Gameplay Videos==
==Gameplay Videos==
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iTX8ExEKvg (720P) Sin & Punishment 2: Successor of the Skies gameplay on Dolphin]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iTX8ExEKvg (720P) Sin & Punishment 2: Successor of the Skies gameplay on Dolphin]
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Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Developer(s) Treasure
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Rail shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Input methods Wii Remote, Nunchuk
Compatibility 4Stars4.pngEdit rating: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
GameIDs R2VE01, R2VP01, R2VJ01
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Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, known in Europe as Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies and in Japan as Tsumi to Batsu: Uchū no Kōkeisha is a 2009 rail shooting video game developed by Treasure and published by Nintendo. It is the sequel to the Nintendo 64 video game Sin and Punishment: Hoshi no Keishōsha|Sin and Punishment, another rail shooter originally released only in Japan, and globally through Wii's Virtual Console.


Level change

After a level is complete I have to restart the game to resume playing the next level (because the game freezes).


Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed.


Config Setting Notes
Scaled EFB Copy On
Disable Fog On

Gameplay Videos