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ID RQPZ52 shares a game code and publisher with RQPE52, Cabela's Trophy Bucks. No sources combine them and the information on the titles is pretty scarce, so I can't solidly confirm it one way or another. From watching tidbits of gameplay, they seem very very similar though. The only gameplay I could find for Trophy Bucks on Wii was the official trailer; pay attention at 0:54 and look at the formatting of the text that pops up indicating your bonuses, and compare that to the text around ten seconds into this Monster Buck Hunter gameplay. It's noticeably close, same font even. Also look at the overall similarities (minus the normal trailer enhancements) in the player character's hands, the gun model, the HUD, etc. I realize that this is an ongoing series that shares the same engine so this is nowhere near proof that it was a direct re-release, but there's a decent amount of evidence to support it in my opinion. Someone who owns Trophy Bucks should give it a quick play and compare it with Monster Buck Hunter footage to confirm, if possible. - Xerxes (talk) 09:58, 17 December 2016 (CET)