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Quick and Dirty

I want you guys' opinions on the latest updates. Note that the images will be updated soon.

  • It's a "quick and simple example". Most of these settings are defaults now. Is it even needed?
  • I go into some detail in places; is it not "quick and dirty" enough?

MaJoR 23:44, 5 August 2011 (CEST)

I wouldn't be too hung up on the "quick and dirty". That text was copied from the original page, and I'm not clear there is a good reason to preserve this in a "quick and dirty" state. I'm guessing it was mostly to say, "sorry about not providing more detail", which we can hopefully better address here.

  • We should cover the optimal performance settings here, even if they are defaults. Such may help users restore optimal settings post having messed around with their settings.
  • There seems to be lots of topics that could use better details. These include:
    • Various "Config" options: idle skipping, framelimit, engine
    • Selecting less than native Internal Resolution
    • Disabling EFB copies
    • OpenMP/CL Texture decoders
    • Effects of the various Graphics\Hacks\Others section
    • Sample rate for DSP

Kolano 17:02, 6 August 2011 (CEST)

Hmm. In the original way it was done on the site, there was the "performance guide", an example of a faster then default setup, and then there was the "configuration guide", which showed all the options and what they did. The reason for two options instead of one was to provide a fast way for people to get dolphin up to a higher rate of speed, and the other was the complicated, comprehensive list. With the improved defaults, there is no need for an "example" setup now, and almost all of the options to speed things up are compromises: improving performance at the cost of quality. If we are going to go into tons of different options, weighing their pros and cos, then I think performance guide is redundant; we should just list all the options in a single, comprehensive guide. MaJoR 09:46, 7 August 2011 (CEST)

This is a perfomance guide - not configuretion guide.

DSP Sample Rate.

With today's hardware, the difference in terms of speed between 32khz and 48khz should be negligible. It could be there for compatibility reasons.

  • The performance difference is so small it's laughable. Any computer that could see a noticeable performance change from that setting is much too old to run dolphin. In my opinion, it shouldn't be listed on a narrow focused guide such as this. MaJoR 09:46, 7 August 2011 (CEST)

Older Versions

Should we really be suggesting users use older versions? That seems unwise. The idea throughout the pages is the best performance possible while maintaining the best emulation possible. And newer revisions provide a much better experience overall, with more games supported and fewer errors. I guess it goes back to the idea of what is this page supposed to be about.

Again, it prefomance guide. If using older revisions give more speed - it must be mentioned.

Questionable Content

  • According to my research, the JitIL Experimental Recompiler is only faster for some games, and is highly experimental and very unreliable. It shouldn't be recommended.

If you say's what it faster - it must be here.

  • "Set FrameLimit = OFF; and Enable Audio Throttle. Use Tab key for speedup. Note: will work only if you have spare CPU power." This article is about improving performance, helping people get to 100% speed. I don't think we should be using it as a place to tell people how to get the game to fast forward, especially when it uses the very confusing word "speedup", which is used elsewhere in this article to refer to making a game that is going less then 100% get closer to 100%.

If user have enough CPU power - pressing TAB will increase speed - see title = more perfomance.

  • "Overclocking - use for your own risk." This wiki has a long standing unspoken "rule" of keeping system issues off the wiki as much as possible. And it's very, very wise. We can't go telling people how to overclock or deal with them when their computer breaks. Best to just ignore it. Besides, we have a forum for that kinda of stuff.

Jusr mention what exist other alternatives.

  • "The x64 versions of Dolphin is up to 3-7% faster then the x86 version, but you must have a x64 OS to use it." Ok, I'll admit this is a bit picky, but, this page is about configuring dolphin 3.0 and up to improve performance. Older versions, alternate versions, system improvements, on and on, are not within that. But since we are going to have a configuration guide anyway, we might want to expand this page to allow for broader performance improvements.
  • "Disable AntiAliasing, Disable Anisotropic filtration, Disable Vertical Sync" Optional settings like this shouldn't be included, in my opinion. They are all means of increasing visual quality at the expense of performance. They have no performance advantages, they are always a drain. The article doesn't include each and every option available, only options for improving performance. While disabling them does improve performance, they would never have been on in the first place. We should only include options that improve performance, if we start going into optional stuff that is there at the players discresion for visual improvement, this will turn into the full list.

If emulation speed is slow because of slow GPU - it is samrt to disable all anisotropic and MSAA things.

  • "Also, if your monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:10 or 5:4, you need to enable "Crop" on Advanced tab to remove the black borders" ---I don't think this belongs on the "Peformance Guide" since, correct me if I'm wrong, it has nothing to do with performance per se.DEnigma 17:32, 1 October 2011 (CEST)

User comes and undo a revision. came and undid a revision made to the page because

"If any tweak can increase speed it must be mentioned (even if it bad in some way's). That's all."

I'm all for having the best and broadest performance guide possible but if it can be undone because some kid is throwing a fit because it does not say what he wants it to say, I don't see this happening any time soon.