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I am some guest that plays this game on Dolphin and, well, when I first started up the "Speak Up" game in Mic Mode, the screen up there showed only part of the screen (to be exact, it showed the files information that only showed the part of the screen). Can you list this as a glitch, by the way I am using Stable Version 4.0.2


I'm the same guest that sent this previous post, some weird things happened to the game last time I played.

I played when:

  • Dolphin was left open for more then 24 hours
  • I turned off Background Input on the GCPad Control Panel
  • I turned off "Skip BIOS" (Although the BIOS never came up and I do not have the "needs to be dump" file since it was never on the computer
  • The computer I am using was left on for 12 days in a row

Glitches include:

  • Book at the intro being blank pages
  • Files have no name, date, or star count on it and when you select it glitches when it touches the book
  • Tilted Glitch Screen when you enter a mode
  • Background in the back when you choose a game mode glitches when you are ready
  • Glitch Screen occurs when an effect happens (Page Effect and Fade Effect)
  • Glitch Screen seen in background on Pause Menu
  • Black Lines occurred on the book on the File Menu and on the pieces the characters are on when you go into a mini-game
  • What's Go Up... have "glitch-y" clouds

Yeah, they're mostly Glitch Screens.