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Current limitations with this page are:

  • tables are different sizes, width=100% appears to do nothing
  • cannot sort (removed sortable as it didn't work correctly with Dolphin versions)
  • I wanted to use the revision template but it wasn't flexible enough. Lots of versions here don't have a website equivalent for example. All links are just ordinary off-wiki links.

So far I don't know how to solve these. If anyone wants to pitch in feel free! - MayImilae (talk) 06:51, 9 January 2023 (CET)

Yeah, the default sorting seems to do so on the raw HTML and thus seems to sort on the URLs rather than the link text. There's an additional column parameter to correct for this. May also need to be applied to the "Reason for Removal" column, though it seems to sort correctly and has a mix of URLs and plain text so unclear how it works out. Kolano (talk) 06:53, 2 May 2023 (CEST)

ASCII Art Shader Removal

The ASCII Art Shader was removed from the list here. Do we perhaps want to revise things to allow for capturing details of these features that have been removed/restored over time? Kolano (talk) 06:37, 2 May 2023 (CEST)

There's over 6k revisions between ASCII art being removed and being reintroduced, this definitely needs to be documented somewhere, especially considering some effort was already made into finding when/why it was added/removed... mbc07 (talk) 06:16, 3 May 2023 (CEST)