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Because this template needs an article and its discussion page to function, please use Dummy Page for testing instead of creating a sandbox normally. A demonstration can be found at Talk:Dummy Page.


This template is called with {{Page Status}} from any article's talk page. All of its functions are aimed at extended maintenance of various pages on the wiki, helping to categorize and prioritize what pages need attention and in what specific way.

Manual section checks

There are many different parameters each dictating their own section of a page which may need review. Depending on the page, these should be included as |parameter = none to show that the page has that section and add it to applicable categories. When an editor checks parts of an article, that editor should replace the none in the template with a standard ~~~~ signature to confirm that they did a thorough check of that specific part of the page, effectively saying "this will be fine to keep as-is for at least a year". It can take the following values:

|infobox      = none
|forumpage    = none
|description  = none
|gamelist     = none
|enhancements = none
|videogallery = none
|issuetracker = none
|idcheck      = none


Additionally, any IDs which an editor has failed to confirm by hand can also be added to this template to track them. This is done with the following values:

|id1          = 
|id2          = 
|id3          = 

After checking the IDs for a page, sign with ~~~~ after idcheck = to show that they were verified, the same way as before. If one of more of them requires a second opinion, add the full length of it, or as much as you know, to the id# =.

  • There is no limit on the amount of IDs that it can take, as it uses a loop to go through all of them. The only restriction is that there can't be any gaps between the id# numbers, and the first must be id1. For example, to display three IDs, those must be assigned to id1, id2, and id3.
  • Since it doesn't actually do anything with the IDs besides link to them and check they exist, you could also type in prefixes here instead of full length ones if desired. Neither Dolphin nor the wiki use 4-digit IDs, however, so it's better practice to replace the missing parts of the ID with ?s, for example: |id1 = R12E??.


Pages can also be flagged as needing immediate help from an administrator through the use of the |flag = parameter. Setting this to any value other than whitespace will add the page to Category:Pages flagged for immediate attention, and change the color scheme and icon for the template to try and draw as much attention as possible. This should be used sparingly if at all, and once added should be left up until an administrator decides to remove it.

Automatic checks

This template will automatically check for missing parts of its attached page. These automatic checks are hidden within other parameters to determine what kind of page is being checked, making the template as flexible as possible. Right now, it does the following:

  • Checks for an infobox if infobox = is set.
  • Checks for all the normal game page headers if issuetracker = is set.


The CSS can definitely be improved. The manual check functions that require signatures need support for IP editor signatures (this can be done later though since users without accounts can't even edit right now).