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Adds common text to the "Emulation Information" portion of titles that don't impose maximum range as the physical GameCube controller. See {{Problems}} for other shared problem statements.


{{Problems/Analog Stick Range}}


Analog Stick Range

The theoretical maximum range is 0-128 for both the main stick and the C-stick of the GameCube controller. However the physical maximum for the official GameCube controller is only 100 of 128 (~80% of the theoretical maximum range) for the main-stick and 76 of 128 (~60%) for the C-stick. The official GameCube controller also has a dead zone of 0-15%, so the smallest value it will send is 20 of 128.

Problems/Analog Stick Range doesn't impose maximum at which the practical maximum effect occurs, so the character may runs faster like never before or the camera moves at its fastest speed. Dolphin has the Radius and the Dead Zone options in Controller Configuration window, input GameCube controller's physical values can replicate the GameCube controller more accurately, or use the actual GameCube controller on Dolphin with the GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U.

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