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Adds common text to the "Problems" portion of Just Dance titles that hang when creating or editing Dancer Cards. See {{Problems}} for other shared problem statements.


{{Problems/Just Dance Dancer Card Hang}}


Dancer Card Hang

Upon starting Problems/Just Dance Dancer Card Hang/doc for the first time, you'll need to create a Dancer Card. However, the game will hang and keep loading forever after creating it, which prevents reaching the main menu and thus renders the game unplayable. The same hang will also occur if you try to edit an existing Dancer Card or if you try to create new Dancer Cards later on. There's no solution at the moment, but you can work around this problem by disconnecting your computer from the internet before booting the game and creating your first Dancer Card or whenever you want to edit an existing Dancer Card. Refer to issue 11342. Fixed by 5.0-12952.

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