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[edit] [purge] Template documentation

This will output a link for a Dolphin revision.


code result
{{Revision|1}} r1
{{Revision|2}} r2
{{Revision|3}} r3
{{Revision|4}} r4
{{Revision|4}} r5
{{Revision|2.0}} 2.0
{{Revision|5384}} 2.0
{{Revision|3.0}} 3.0
{{Revision|7615}} 3.0
{{Revision|6900}} r6900
{{Revision|3.0-50}} 3.0-50
{{Revision|3.5}} 3.5
{{Revision|3.5-100}} 3.5-100
{{Revision|4.0}} 4.0
{{Revision|4.0-6}} 4.0-6
{{Revision|4.0.1}} 4.0.1
{{Revision|4.0.2}} 4.0.2
{{Revision|4.0-100}} 4.0-100
{{Revision|4.0-305 Triforce}} 4.0-305 Triforce
{{Revision|5.0-rc-20}} 5.0-rc-20
{{Revision|5.0}} 5.0
{{Revision|5.0-10}} 5.0-10
{{Revision|6.0-rc-10}} 6.0-rc-10
{{Revision|Ishiiruka-427}} Ishiiruka-427
{{Revision|}} Unknown Revision


  • There are gaps in released revisions, for instance the following seem to be missing (i.e. 4.0-6, 3.5-100).
  • Non-5.0 rc releases link to old builds (since none exist this is OK for now)
  • Branch revisions link to a page with all revisions of that branch, rather than to the specific page for each release
  • Android revisions are not appropriately handled