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Some spanish games are missing

This wiki doesn't have an entry for Let's Sing 9: Version Española or Let's Sing 5: Version Española, it redirects to Let's Sing 2017 and Let's Sing respectively.

Let's Sing 10 (the Spanish release) also redirects to Let's Sing 2017.

They aren't the same game, the spanish editions have their own songs in that language (I don't know if there are more titles in other languages, it should be checked).

We should give them their own entries.

Yeah, I'm not sure but I think the GameIDs on those titles indicate they are the same and has resulted in them being grouped together. The tracks/images on each may be different, but I think they otherwise should likely be identical. There could be some exceptions to that, but I think the only ones I'm aware of with significant differences in the titles underlying logic are the JP/NA sampler discs (and outside of the demos themselves, the launchers are likely pretty similar).
The other issue here was a high amount of pirate versions of the EU releases with arbitrary revised tracks that made tracking down specifics here a pain.
Kolano (talk) 22:39, 17 June 2021 (CEST)