The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

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I'm new to editing Wiki's in this format, so I'll make it brief and hopefully someone could fix this up for me. If not, I will try myself within time to make this look like a regular page.


Intro videos and other menu videos show black screen with audio. Simply skip them with the start button.

Loading times are notably longer emulating than on console, but everything still loads.

Audio repeats itself sometimes, but not too often

On anything above 1x Anisotropic Filtering makes the ground glitch to rather large see through triangles, although it's not too noticeable and isn't anything to really take away from the gaming experience. On 1x Anisotropic Filtering this glitch is not present.

On the level "Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt", a few raising platforms are invisible. They are still there, so it's possible to pass, however it requires you to jump onto these platforms with little idea as to where they stop, making it easy to fall into the lava below you. This isn't too big a problem, and is still quite playable even with this glitch, as long as you're careful.

(I am currently on the "Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt" level, if I find any more problems playing it, I will include them here).

The game is (so far) very playable with a good amount of glitches, in which these glitches are very small and only one of them is well noticeable.

Playing on: i3-370m Intel Core Processor - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1GB - 4GB DDR3 -