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Eyecandy Archive

To Dos

  • Populate Version Compatibility for perfect titles H onward: {{VersionCompatibilityVersion|5.0-11518|*****|Since prior to this revision}}
  • Testing Template
    • Correct handling of ishiiruka (and other oddball) builds
  • Infobox Template
    • Inputs: Revise to use icons for inputs as used on rear of boxes per:
    • Add additional linkages to gameinfo: internal wiki search, GameTDB/GameFAQ searche (unclear which)
    • Revise genre handling to allow for sub-genres: genre = Sports \ Baseball -> Category:Sports (Genre), Category:Baseball (Sub-genre)
    • Investigate providing more region specific details (Cover, etc) when using region specific GameID links to pages.
    • Update Issue Tracker title replacement to:
      • Trim other odd punctuation: colon, etc
      • Trim ancillary terms: and, the, of, etc
    • Investigate replacing Series links with lists of titles in those series.
  • Compatibility Graph Template
    • Revise to support hard vs soft stops (i.e. this happens to work in the current version vs this was broken with revision X)
    • Revise to allow changing the range covered (starting with 3.5, but expandable to any prior major release)
    • May need to provide a minimum width or some other handling, as tight revisions can to become invisible. Likely need to trim off revisions 2.0-3.0
  • Investigate difference between JP, NA, and EU demo discs apparently similar GameIDs and version #'s may not mean correlated titles. Likely need to fix up the name redirect pages to cover names with dates.
  • Align wiki content with Dolphin bug/issue reports
  • Better populate category page text
  • Create Status template to post current status details of pages on their talk pages: (i.e. last test/compat review, missing details/sections, etc.).
  • Video Templates
    • Investigate identifying broken videos in the various video templates
    • Account for providing random sets
  • Add a page with a general Dolphin compatibility graph tracking major (or maybe just more significant) dev milestones.
  • Review Category:Wii_Balance_Board_(Input_supported) for titles requiring the accessory.
  • Review AR / Gecko codes, some AR codes may be mislabeled as Gecko. ("If the code contains lines that start with 44, 42, 8C, or 0C add the code as an Action Replay code.")

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Wii Titles Missing Videos

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