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Completed Tasks

  • Check Bomberman Generation regression (page already updated)
  • Check if Konquest Mode save corruption from Mortal Kombat: Deception is reproducible (it's not)
  • Progress report for System Menu testings
  • Rewrite User:mbc07 again: it's outdated and ugly
  • Test Chapter 6-1 crash with Bounding Box enabled in Super Paper Mario: can't reproduce this crash after 4.0-707, but some users still get that crash
  • Write the global problems template for the VC pages
  • Make VideoGallery template "noob friendly"
  • Make the translation flags from Infobox VG be in a drop down list
  • Write a global documentation in Template:EmbedVideo embeddable in all video templates (Dailymotion, DivShare, Funny or Die, Google Video, Interia, YouTube and Vimeo)
  • (Try to) Fix the Template:Fmbox
  • Change all YouTube links to the simplified YouTube template
  • Simplify EmbedVideo usage
  • Write documentation for the new navbox, navbar and navbox subgroup templates and update Template:Navigation documentation
  • Write documentation for the video gallery template
  • Implement show/hide functionality from the navigation templates to the test entries tables
  • Fix things that get broke after changing to the new server
  • Rewrite the navigation templates to use the updated navbox template
  • Standardize navigation templates and make them collapsible
  • Work on documentation of templates used in this wiki, with special attention on Config template and Help section (almost done)
  • Finish the general Virtual Console List
  • Finish deleting unused pages to free up server resources and fix pages that are using deprecated config parameters
  • Try to discover why the Template:Config have an additional "{" on Display sections
  • Finish moving Wii Channels ratings to subpages
  • Finish moving Virtual Console ratings to subpages
  • Finish moving GameCube ratings to subpages
  • Cleanup spans of VC templates
  • Update my test entries to add the missing details and retest games that I own because my testing environment has been upgraded
  • Think in a better way of putting "Tested on Revision" info of all lists on a template to prevent inline data
  • Cleanup global VC issues