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Hiya. I'm a genderfluid archivist who went through the effort of scrapping the Wii Update Server to verify digital GameIDs and now I'm here to wreck havoc by proving dozens of incorrect assumptions wrong. For right now, the TMD archive is only available via E-Mailing me or running the command yourself. This is due to it not being complete at this point. My email is, and the command can be found on User talk:Xerxes.


New Table Header Information:

Wii Shop Name: The name that appears on the Wii Shop Channel when browsing with the English language setting.

ID4: The four-digit Title ID represented in ASCII, excluding Group ID and Title Version.

ID6: The six-digit Title ID represented in ASCII, including the Group ID but not the Title Version.

ID20: The full Title ID, Group ID, and Title Version represented in HEX. "r" separates the combined full TitleID and GroupID from the full Title Version. See my proposed expansion to Wii GameIDs.

Titles are placed under the subheader that corresponds to what system the Wii Shop Channel says the TitleID is for.