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Discussion: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GC) - Hyperthreading

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I know this is mentioned in the Config section of


  • Tested with Dolphin-win-x64-v3.0-767
  • My processor is in an Intel Core i7-2600 on an intel H67 motherboard from asus (CM6580-01) which cannot be overclocked (I believe that you need an intel P67 to overclock through the BIOS).
  • So my cpu is stuck at 3.4GHz (turbo to 3.8GHz, but never goes above 3.6Ghz, definetly not 4.0Ghz+ [as most people have stated for DPS LLE Preformance])

I enabled accurate vbeam emulation (this got rid of the audio skipping with DSP LLE, but dropped from 30fps to 15fps) [without vbeam, I believe it was 30fps, but the audio would skip]

-- I tried enabled 'Lock threads to core' and several other options, none of them worked.

When I disabled hyper-threading in the BIOS (so my system would appear to windows as a quad-core, rather and a system with 8 cores) After, that (disabled vbeam emulation) and I had no audio skipping and was maxing out at 30fps (no slow down) [have not been to hyrule field yet] -- link almost moves too fast now.

This is way I added the comment to the Twlighe Princess page -- maybe a note about 'hyper-threading' should be added to the Performance guide, just as a side note (allowing a user to test that and see if it works, when all else fails)

Hmm. My 3570K doesn't have HT, so I'm not sure. I'm still a little skeptical though... How about this: let's ask the forums. Ask them if there is a way to get HT to work with accurate Vbeam emulation. I can do it if you don't want to, but I'd prefer you do it as you could respond to what they ask and stuff. Up to you. If they can't make it work as well, I'll make a note on the performance guide. - MaJoR 09:05, 27 September 2012 (CEST)

I have also noticed, after disabling HT, dolphin still reports that I have 8 cores and states '2 logical threads per core, when starting up a game' (even though there is only 4) ... this may even be a windows 7 x64 issue. Purhaps (with HT enabled) windows 7 is somehow confusing dolphin makeing it think I have a double-quad core (8 cores) with HT, which would reduce performace since it would be doubling the number of threads from what it should be. With HT disabled windows only sees 4 cores ... and that is why I think dolphin is performing better with HT disabled.

PS: after disabling HT, i no longer need 'accurate Vbeam emulation' and if I enable 'Vbeam' then my fps drops from 30fps to ~15fps (weather HT is enabled or not) Moreover, with HT disabled -- the issue is resolved (DSP LLE audio running smooth @ ~30fps) -- it does still slowdown slightly in hyrule field (but all 3d games suffer from that issue at one point or another). Neoh4x0r 11:18, 28 September 2012 (CEST)