Notable Removed Features and Support

This is a list of notable features and support that Dolphin has dropped. This page serves as a reference for those who want to revisit and explore interesting features that we have moved on from, as well as for historical documentation. Do not use these old features if you want performance; the latest development or beta builds will always be faster on modern hardware.


Notable Removals

Feature Introduction Version Final Version Removal Version Reason for Removal Notes
XAudio2 Audio Backend r6371 (2.0-987) 5.0-10947 5.0-10950 Progress Report Oct 2019
wxWidgets GUI Megacommit 5.0-8277 5.0-8279 Dolphin Blog - The Legend of Dolphin: A Lens Between Worlds and Progress Report June 2018 In the Megacommit, Dolphin used a mixture of wxWidgets for the main GUI and Win32 for some plugins. Win32 was slowly removed over time around 2.0, and was completely removed by the unification of GFX plugin interfaces in r6422 (2.0-1038).
Triforce AM Baseboard r4437 (1.0-4437) 5.0-412 5.0-414 Progress Report August 2016 The first step of a Triforce implementation that never materialized. It never actually did much. To explore Triforce emulation, try the old Triforce Branch.
32-bit ARM Support + ARMv7 Support 3.5-476 4.0-4943 4.0-6676 Progress Report June 2015 First Android merge was 3.5-1243, but the ARM JIT was in Dolphin well before. It was broken for several months before it was ultimately removed.
DirectSound Audio Backend Alpha 4.0-2715 4.0-2717 Progress Report Aug 2014
32-bit x86 Support Alpha 4.0-1609 N/A Dolphin Blog - Obituary for 32-bit Removed from Dolphin's build system and officially unsupported by the blog post. However there is no explicit removal commit - the 32-bit parts of the x86 JIT were slowly cleaned out over time. Notable cleanup commits are 4.0-1959 and 4.0-2612.
Direct3D 9 Graphics Backend Alpha 4.0-146 4.0-155 Dolphin Blog - D3D9: Why It's Not a Part of Dolphin's Future
OpenGL 2 Support Megacommit 4.0-26 4.0-27 Making way for tev_fixes_new, removing hacks Explicitly OpenGL 2.1, set as our min version by 3.5-1203. Before that is complicated.

Other Features

Feature Introduction Version Final Version Removal Version Reason for Removal Notes
NVIDIA 3D Vision r6347 (2.0-963) 5.0-10943 5.0-10945 Progress Report Aug and Sept 2019 The first implementation was removed with Direct3D 9 in 4.0-155. However a new implementation was made in 4.0-4643
Fractional Internal Resolution Alpha 5.0-5094 5.0-5097 Progress Report July and Aug 2017 Can corrupt saves in some cases, revisit with caution. Originally Dolphin just presented typical PC game resolutions which were always fractional. However, Dolphin switched to controlling EFB Scale (Internal Resolution) after 2.0.
Frameskip r3949 (1.0-3949) N/A 5.0-1033 Broken Was broken long before it was removed. Even when it did work, it only worked with certain settings (such as XFB Disabled), only worked on certain games, only worked on 50 or 60FPS titles, and had minimal performance improvement if any. Possible versions to try to see it "working" would be versions before major graphics overhauls, such as tev_fixes_new (4.0-1192) or the GLSL Rewrite (3.5-1025)

Superseded by VBI Skip in 5.0-18271.

Disable EFB Copies r988 (1.0-988) 4.0-5653 4.0-5656 Progress Report Feb 2015 An extreme hack to work around Dolphin issues. First appeared as "Disable copy EFB to texture" before eventually being renamed to "Disable EFB Copies".
OpenMP r7284 (2.0-1900) 4.0-4085 4.0-4087 Glitchy and didn't improve performance It is unclear if this ever improved Dolphin's performance, as we have never been limited by texture decode.
OpenCL r4346 (1.0-4346) 4.0-519 4.0-520 Unfinished / Never worked
Asynchronous Audio Alpha 3.5-33

3.5-78 (AX µcode)
4.0-7286 (Zelda µcode)

Dolphin Blog: The Rise of HLE Audio and The New Era of HLE Audio Caused tens of thousands of bugs and rampant crashing, and many games do not even work with it whatsoever. Revisit with caution.
Disable Textures r988 (1.0-988) 3.0-691 3.0-692 No longer necessary An extreme hack to work around Dolphin issues.
Disable Lighting r988 (1.0-988) 3.0-690 3.0-691 No longer necessary An extreme hack to work around Dolphin issues.


  • The ASCII Art Shader, originally introduced in 3.5-1025, stopped working in 5.0-9447 and got removed in 5.0-12881. An improved version of the shader was later reintroduced in 5.0-19109.

OS Support


Current minimum is Windows 10 1703.

OS Initial Version (minimum) Final Version Removal Version Reason for Removal Notes
Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 5.0 5.0-16391 5.0-16393 Dolphin Blog - Leaving a Legend The minimum Windows version set in 5.0 was specifically Windows 7 SP1.

Qt 5 was officially unsupported and removed from Dolphin's official builds in 5.0-16393, however it was possible for users to still build Dolphin with Qt 5 themselves. That ended when we raised our minimum Qt version to 6 in 5.0-19299.

Windows Vista 4.0-296 Unknown N/A Lack of use Officially unsupported as part of the 5.0 Release, however it would continue to work for an indefinite period of time. The exact failure point is unknown. Our move to Qt in 5.0-8279 is a guaranteed breaking point for Vista as Qt had already dropped the OS, however it may have failed before that.
Windows XP Alpha 4.0-295 4.0-296 Updated to Visual Studio 2013


Current minimum is macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

OS Initial Version (minimum) Final Version Removal Version Reason for Removal Notes
macOS 10.14 (Mojave) 5.0-16564 5.0-18184 5.0-18186 Code Improvements / Relatively painless
macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) 5.0-14901 5.0-16557 5.0-16564 Making way for the update to Qt 6
macOS 10.12 (Sierra) 5.0-11458 5.0-11686 5.0-14901 Qt update Dolphin's macOS builder was updated to Qt 5.14.1 which no longer had macOS 10.12 support. This was not caught until reported by a user so Dolphin's builds were broken on macOS 10.12 until we officially dropped support.
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) 5.0-9449 5.0-6084 5.0-11458 Simplifying Dolphin's code, fixing OS X bugs Due to the libavcodec version update in our OS X builder at 5.0-6086 which required 10.11, OS X 10.10 support was broken for the entirety of its time as a minimum version. No one realized. Whoops.
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) 4.0-4274 5.0-6084 5.0-9449 Already kind of dropped / blocking new features 10.9 support was broken in Dolphin 5.0, with builds from our buildbot giving a Symbol not found: _OSAtomicIncrement32Barrier error. It was fixed by 5.0-820, however the site's FAQ unofficially dropped support for 10.9 at that time because Dolphin 5.0 did not work in 10.9.

OS X 10.9 support was subsequently broken when Dolphin's buildbot updated our OS X builder's libavcodec (FFmpeg) at 5.0-6086 when it became a blocker for new features. No one even realized that it had been broken for over year, and the change that officially dropped macOS 10.9 (5.0-9449) only cited the site's FAQ.

Unofficial Dolphin builds with OS X 10.9 support.

OS X 10.7 (Lion) 3.5-1116 4.0-623 4.0-4274 Broken OS X 10.7 and 10.8 do not support "GL_ARB_sampler_objects", which Dolphin's OpenGL Backend (the only graphics backend on OS X at the time) required following the merging of the GLExtensions branch in 4.0-651. Went unnoticed until reported in issue 7243 and officially dropped by 4.0-4274. The builds in-between could work in some circumstances, but for OS X 10.7 and 10.8 users they were more or less broken.
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) N/A 3.5-1108 3.5-1116 Removed as part of the move to C++11 There is no exact start date for Dolphin's Mac OS X support. Work started shortly after the Megacommit, but there was no single commit where it was finished and it was extremely DIY in the early years. During that time, there was no explicit minimum supported version.
  • Mac OS X was first stated as functioning in an official capacity in the r4460 update post.
  • The first Mac OS X build provided by Dolphin's then website was r7167 (2.0-1783).

A minimum supported version of Mac OS X was first added by 3.0-267 with a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.5.4.

Mac OS X started the transition from the libstdc++ stdlib to the newer libc++ stdlib in OS X 10.7. Apple only brought C++11 support to the newer libc++, so to move Dolphin to C++11, any version of Mac OS X that didn't support libc++ was going to be cut off. So 10.7 became our new minimum version.