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Some titles support 5.1 surround sound via Dolby Pro Logic II sound encoding. Dolby PLII uses matrix encoding to embed a 5.1 surround mix inside a standard 2.0 stereo signal; enabling 5.1 sound from standard RCA stereo jacks, without the need for additional audio hardware, jacks and wires (e.g. optical toslink).


Dolphin 5.0 decodes Dolby Pro Logic II natively, without needing an external decoder (like an A/V receiver). 5.1 speakers are needed, please test to ensure speakers are properly setup, configured and working in your computer's audio settings before attempting.

In order to activate DPLII decoding:

  1. Close any running games (you can save your progress by setting a save state)
  2. Go to Options -> Audio Settings. It should take you to the Audio Tab in Dolphin Configuration Settings.
  3. Under "Backend Settings" go to "Audio Backend:" and click the drop-down menu, and change the default setting of "XAudio2" to "Cubeb".
  4. The option for Dolby Pro Logic II decoder should now no longer be grey-ed out, and you should be free to click the check box, activating the feature.
  5. In order to work, you may have to turn on DPLII inside the game's settings. Check the in-game menu to see if you can change from stereo output (2.0) to Dolby Pro Logic II output.

Games with Surround Sound

Titles that support Dolby PLII: