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Frame Dumping captures each frame from gameplay and exports the frames as individual PNG files. However, if you have FFmpeg, Dolphin can also export the frame dump as an AVI file.

Installing FFmpeg

You can download FFmpeg from or you can use a package manager.


You must manually download and install additional files to enable frame dumping. The required files are:

  • avcodec-58.dll
  • avformat-58.dll
  • avutil-56.dll
  • swresample-3.dll
  • swscale-5.dll

They are included in \bin\ folder in the recommended compatible package of FFmpeg. Extract and place them into your current Dolphin root directory, then restart Dolphin for changes to take effect.


On macOS, Dolphin is built to export the frame capture as individual PNG files. If you wish to export an AVI file rather than PNG files, you will need to install FFmpeg, then build Dolphin from source.

To install FFmpeg for macOS, the best way is to use Homebrew Package Manager by typing this command into Terminal:

brew install ffmpeg

Dumping Frames

To dump frames in Dolphin, go to Movie > Dump Frames. You can set the output folder in Preferences > Paths > Dump Path.

By default, Dolphin exports to the "Dump" folder in its root directory.