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6 September 2020

24 June 2020

  • curprev 23:3523:35, 24 June 2020Nf6429 talk contribs 1,417 bytes +1 This is the actual date, on japanese dead page of dojo, it had this as the date. If searched with the japanese title, other websites display said date. Finished the years!!!

26 January 2018

  • curprev 12:5612:56, 26 January 2018Kolano talk contribs 1,416 bytes +1,416 Created page with "{{Infobox VG |image = [[File:{{SUBPAGENAME}}.jpg|300px]] |developer = Arc System Works |publisher = Arc System Works |released = {{vgrelease|JP=December 22, 2009}} |genre..."