Shark Tale

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I'm new to editing Wikis in this format, I hope someone fixes it up before I learn how. If not, I'll fix it up myself when I learn.

Problems: Newspaper slide cutscenes freeze, though the audio does not. A 'shadow' of the character is seen animating like it should behind the frozen image in the cutscene. Cutscenes sometimes look as if animated characters are being stretched. Very minor problem.

Sometimes the music refuses to play, while the sound effects (fish screaming, destroying objects, etc) continue to play properly.

Game crashes on level four. Unplayable (Backpatch currently only supporting reads. Attempted to write 10000006) (Backpatch write - Not through EAX) After this message is shown Dolphin closes.

Other: In-game cutscenes render properly, though audio can be a little choppy.

Played on: i3-370m Intel Core Processor ATI HD Mobility Radeon 5650 1GB DDR3 4GB