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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
09:52, 26 May 2016 GoVacationNoXFB.png (file) 456 KB Pie Minigame NoXFB glitch 1
09:53, 26 May 2016 GoVacationVXFB.png (file) 1.09 MB Pie Throwing Minigame with VirtualXFB 1
12:20, 9 May 2016 Need For Speed Layering Issue Dolphin.png (file) 1.29 MB This happens on Console. The screenshot is from dolphin. 1
12:20, 9 May 2016 Need For Speed Layering Issues Console.jpg (file) 114 KB This issue happens on console. This is a screenshot from Wii. 1
18:57, 21 December 2015 NerfNStrikeNormal.png (file) 1.37 MB During Red Film Puzzles, you can't see which one is correct normally without the gun attachment. 1
18:59, 21 December 2015 NerfNStrikeSpookey1.png (file) 807 KB With Spookey1, it's pretty obvious what stands out. 1
23:48, 7 September 2020 RE4BlurEnhanced.png (file) 259 KB At higher resolutions and with other enhancements, blur effects in RE4 get weaker and weaker. This screenshot shows the very extreme of this, with the blur effect barely rendering. 1
23:45, 7 September 2020 RE4BlurNative.png (file) 263 KB Resident Evil 4's blue effects at native resolution. 1
02:36, 16 March 2016 ShadowTheHedgehogWhiteLines1xIR.png (file) 886 KB Note that the only way to completely remove the issues is using 1x IR. Even at 2.5x, 3x, 5x, and 7x IR with Scaled EFB disabled, there is a 1x pixel line of garbage on the top and bottom of the screen. 1
02:35, 16 March 2016 ShadowTheHedgehogWhiteLines2xIR.png (file) 1,021 KB Shadow The Hedgehog with the White Line glitch at 2x IR 1
14:11, 8 November 2015 SuperSwingGolfCourse.png (file) 1.02 MB Blue Lagoon rendering normal in Dolphin. 1
13:38, 7 May 2016 Tales of Symphonia Classroom curtains.jpg (file) 70 KB This picture is from console, showing the bug is not caused by Dolphin. Observe the curtains hanging on the back wall instead of next to the curtains! 1
20:32, 11 May 2016 Tales of Symphonia Multishadowing.jpg (file) 70 KB Game bug from Tales of Symphonia showing shadows going through solid objects. This happens on console and is a screenshot from console. 1
21:35, 19 April 2016 Twilight Princess Map without Speedhack.png (file) 529 KB This is the map without the speedhack in Faron Woods. 1
21:34, 19 April 2016 Twilight Princess Map with Speedhack.png (file) 555 KB This is the map with the speedhack in Faron Woods. 1
21:30, 23 August 2016 We Love golf InGame.png (file) 1.07 MB By using savestates and obscure options, we can force the game to reach in-game. 1
22:40, 12 January 2018 WindWakerCorrectMipmaps.png (file) 6.79 MB With Arbitrary Mipmap Detection, the sea fades out correctly. 1
22:38, 12 January 2018 WindWakerIncorrectMipmaps.png (file) 6.83 MB With the incorrect mipmaps, the ocean details draw far too long into the distance instead of fading into a deep blue. 1