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Buildbot is a continuous integration framework that we use to build Dolphin patches on different platforms. Builds can be triggered automatically (e.g., when a whitelisted GitHub user creates/updates a pull request) or manually (e.g., using the Tools/ helper script). Ping delroth on IRC to get access.

Downloading Pull Request (PR) Builds

Windows, macOS and Android PR builds can be downloaded for testing purposes on their respective pull request by following these steps:

  1. Click "Show all checks" near the bottom of a PR.
  2. Find the appropriate build for your operating system and click "Details".
  3. Click the link that starts with "pr-XXXX-dolphin-latest" to download the PR build, where XXXX is the PR number.

Configuration File

Use this template to create a ~/.buildbot/options file:

try_connect = 'pb'
try_master = ''
try_username = '<user>'
try_password = '<password>'
try_who = '<realname>'
# See for the up-to-date list of WIP builders.
try_builders = ['wip-win-x64', 'wip-osx-x64', 'wip-deb-x64', 'wip-ubu-x64', 'wip-android']
try_vc = 'git'

from twisted.spread import banana
# Allow patches larger than 640 KiB.
banana.SIZE_LIMIT = 100 * 1024 * 1024

To override the try_builders setting use one or more --builder parameters.