Demae Channel

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Demae Channel
Demae Channel.png
Type Downloadable
Developer(s) Nintendo, Demae-can
Platform(s) Wii Channels
Release date(s) JP May 26, 2009
Genre(s) Utility
Input methods Wii Remote
Compatibility 4Stars4.pngEdit rating: Demae Channel
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The Demae Channel (出前チャンネル) allows Wii owners to point, click and order their wanted dinner with the Wii remote. Food categories included in the Demae Channel include pizza, sushi, bento boxes, Chinese food, Western food, and others.

Emulation Information

Shut Down

This channel's online functionality has been shut down as of March 31, 2017 and works in neither Dolphin or on Wii hardware.

WiiConnect24 Revival Services

Both RiiConnect24 and WiiLink can provide WiiConnect24 support in Dolphin through a variety of means. As of 5.0-19724, users can automatically redirect to use the WiiLink service in Dolphin without needing to patch channels or manually download VFF files outside of the emulator. This can be enabled in `Options → Configuration → Wii` under the "Enable WiiConnect24 via WiiLink" setting.

Stale VFF Files

As of 5.0-17613, Dolphin now supports downloading VFF files from WiiConnect24 services just like a real Wii. This allows users to connect to services like RiiConnect24 and WiiLink without the need for a VFF Downloader. Users that have previous used a VFF downloader may need to delete old VFF files before the new services will work. This is because VFF files downloaded with some revisions of the VFF downloader have been hacked to never expire, so the emulated system will never attempt to download new ones.

Support on Older Dolphin Versions

Prior to 5.0-17613 some WiiConnect24 channels can still be made to work through the use of a VFF Downloader. There is a program that RiiConnect24 made as a workaround to download the latest weather data regularly. See this tutorial for more details.

Set Personal Data

Demae Channel relies on this sub-app to choose the delivery address and contact informations. To enter the channel natively in the original Japanese Demae Channel app, choose "住所情報変更" in the lower left of the app's main menu.


There are no reported problems with this channel.


No configuration changes are known to affect compatibility for this channel.

Version Compatibility

The graph below charts the compatibility with Demae Channel since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred.

5.0-21383 (current)
2.0 (r5384)
Compatibility can be assumed to align with the indicated revisions. However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Please update as appropriate.


This channel has been tested on the environments listed below:

Test Entries
Revision OS CPU GPU Result Tester

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