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Dolphin Emulator

If you need help about a specific game, just go to that game page and look there. If you need additional help, ask on the forums, where our friendly forum members will happily work with you to help solve your problem.



Peripheral Setup


Command Line Options

Dolphin includes a variety of command line options that may be useful for scripts, development, or debugging. Basic help and usage for them can be shown by running "Dolphin --help". The options are as follows:

-h, --help                                    Show this help message
-d, --debugger                                Opens the debugger
-l, --logger                                  Opens the logger
-e, --exec=<str>                              Loads a specific game file (ELF, DOL, GCM, ISO, WBFS, CISO, GCZ, WAD)
-n, --nand_title=<str>                        Launch a NAND title
-b, --batch                                   Exit Dolphin with emulator
-c, --confirm                                 Set "Confirm on Stop".
-v, --video_backend=<str>                     Specifies a video backend to use, D3D or OGL.
-a, --audio_emulation=<str>                   Specified the type of audio to use, HLE or LLE.
-m, --movie=<str>                             Plays a movie file
-u, --user=<str>                              Specifies a path to the user directory
-C, --config=<System>.<Section>.<Key>=<Value> Set a configuration option.

A shortcut file on Windows can be customized with command line arguments to a specific Dolphin build. First create a shortcut to the executable of the Dolphin build desired, then open the shortcut's properties and edit the target field. After the path to dolphin, add an argument like --logger, then save. Using --logger as an example, the shortcut will then launch the Dolphin with its logger window opened. The -u option will override the portable.txt file. The --help option is a CLI message, only command line window can view it.


See also how to control the user directory on Windows PC.

Dolphin will check if that file exists in the same directory, then it will not use the default user directory; instead, it will create a \User\ folder in the same directory as the executable.

Dolphin Wiki

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