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{{Infobox VG
|image    = [[File:TMNT.jpg|300px]]
|developer = Ubisoft Quebec
|publisher = Ubisoft
|released  = {{vgrelease|NA=March 20, 2007|AUS=March 22, 2007}}
|series    = ''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles''
|genre    = Action-adventure
|modes    = Single-player
|input    = GameCube Controller
|forumlink = http://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-gc-tmnt
|wikipedia = TMNT (video game)
Based on the all-new CGI TMNT movie, Ubisoft’s '''''TMNT''''' video game takes place in New York City, a city plagued with fast-moving shadows and attacks from strange creatures. Could the wealthy and mysterious Max Winters be involved? New York City needs the Turtles now more than ever but they face their most trying time both as heroes and as brothers. With the fate of the City and their family at stake, it’s up to Leonardo with Zen Master Splinter to restore unity and ninja discipline to the Turtles. In this highly immersive experience, join the Ninja Turtles team and experience intense acrobatic navigation, collaborative combat and powerful fighting moves. Engage in over-the-top Ninja action to reunite the Turtles and save New York City.
== Problems ==
=== Broken Fog ===
The fog in this game is not emulated properly leaving the screen completely green. As a workaround disable fog. See {{issue|4922}}.
{{Image|TMNT Fog working.png|Fog in level 1 renders correctly.}}
{{Image|TMNT Fog broken.png|Level 6 is unplayable|br}}
== Configuration ==
<!--A full list of options is available at Template:Config/doc-->
== Version Compatibility ==
{{VersionCompatibilityVersion|4.0|*|First few missions are playable, #4922 (green screen) is unfixed.}}
{{VersionCompatibilityVersion|4.0-404|**|#4922 is fixed. Unfortunately, another bug has been triggered that causes the game to reboot when loading saves.}}
{{VersionCompatibilityVersion|4.0-4047|****|Missions are playable. Odd lines in videos.}}
== Testing ==
<!--Use this template for test entries: {{testing/entry|revision=|OS=|CPU=|GPU=|result=|tester=}}-->
{{testing/entry|revision=4.0-4047|OS=Windows 7|CPU=Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 @ 2.2GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce G210M|result=Odd lines in videos. 80% to 100% speed. Playable. All missions seem to work fine.|tester=Drshaw}}
{{testing/entry|revision=4.0-5093|OS=Windows 10 64bit|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700k @ 4.0GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970|result=Title screen building in background solid green, level 6 unplayable due to fog issue.|tester=Seapancake}}
== Gameplay Videos ==
|vid1=NxrGwg_717E|cap1=(Dolphin Emulator 4.0-4589 - TMNT (1080p HD) - Nintendo GameCube
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