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Question about DualShock 4-specific setup

I want to add the ini mapping all peripherals from here as well as more detailed steps on how to configure DualShock 4 to work as a full WiiMote replacement (e.g. remote control orientation flip changes, recentering) to provide an end to end setup guide here. I can't message the user to get permission for the ini though, is there a way to contact mods and get in touch with users with emails hidden?

I think that's out of scope of this guide, I intentionally made it generic when I wrote it and I'm not too fond of the proposal of adding a bunch of device-specific sections to it. There's also the discussion of what's the correct way of mapping a Wiimote to a DualShock 4 since there are countless possibilities and the fact that Ryochan7's fork of DS4Windows (arguably the most popular DSU Server) got archived and won't receive updates anymore.
For contacting forum users, you can try PMs, but they won't see them if they don't visit the forums anymore... mbc07 (talk) 22:17, 11 January 2022 (CET)