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Letterbox code

As stated very clear in our conventions, "Gecko/AR codes that overcome emulation issues, make titles run at higher frame rates or allow using wider Aspect Ratios" can be included, and "any AR/Gecko code that doesn't fit in any of those categories are not allowed and should not be included". On this page we have the following codes:

  • The widescreen code makes the game run at 16:9: It falls in Gecko/AR codes that allow using wider Aspect Ratios because the built-in widescreen hack causes issues
  • The "disable bloom effect" code: It falls in Gecko/AR codes that overcome emulation issues since running at higher IRs will mess the bloom effect

Now about your "Disable Letterbox" code, it does not fall in any of those categories. And no, it's not related to Aspect Ratio codes because the game is supposed to letterbox during aiming and cutscenes and it only does that during these section. This code could be tagged as Aspect Ratio code if, and only if, the game always ran letterboxed, even with the widescreen code available. Since that's not the case, you're essentially disabling a game feature with this code, and thus, it's not allowed here, it does not fit in any of the categories above.

So, unless you know of some emulation bug this code can overcome, do not readd it to this page. Furthermore, it's not the first time we have issues with AR codes here, expect more aggressive actions against those edits if you keep insisting, we're not GC Forever, WiiRD or CodeJunkies to have every AR/Gecko code listed here or to allow any code you may judge useful. - Jhonn (talk) 20:06, 2 February 2016 (CET)

The Wii version doesn't contain cutscene letterboxing, so there is no reason the GameCube version should not either.
MANY users enjoy using de-letterbox and black bar removal codes. They are very popular in the PS2 widescreen hacks community - not everyone enjoys having ugly and unnecessary black bars on the top and bottom of their screen. Some of us actually LIKE being able to see more of the game world. To many players, letterboxing is detrimental with our experience to enjoy the game (whether it be in cutscenes or during gameplay). There was a lot of backlash for The Evil Within and its black bars.
We could simply change the rules to allow for deletterbox codes. No biggie. The wiki conventions and rules can change. The wiki's manual of style is not "written in stone", it's always up for improvement.
And yes, letterboxing IS related to aspect ratio. The Wikipedia article says so. Letterboxing (and pillarboxing) are related to aspect ratio.
Besides, you're being overly anal about this. The codes are an OPTIONAL CHOICE and it only takes 2 lines of the entire article. If you don't want them, then you DON'T have to use them. You can move on with your life and enjoy the game with black bars if you desire. However, you should NOT force your beliefs and preferences on those who DO prefer deletterbox hacks.
And yes, I realize this wiki is not CodeJunkies, but if there ARE core graphical enhancements (like widescreen hacks, deletterboxing, blur removal, ghosting removal, higher framerate, etc), then I believe they should be listed here. It's not like I'm adding "infinite health" and "have all weapons" and "1 hit kill" codes here. Deletterboxing is a core graphical enhancement in my opinion. Devina (talk) 01:38, 3 February 2016 (CET)