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[edit] [purge] Template documentation




Used on a Template:Navigation subtemplate's documentation page to list all pages which the navbox links to, but which are not currently using the template. This was split off to prevent future mass edits/search and replace.


  • The category that this template generates doesn't seem to work properly for whatever reason.
  • If a buggy change is done to this template and not fixed before pages start to reload, it can cause the DPLs to include unwanted links on the template documentation pages. Since this template functions directly off of links from said documentation pages, these links won't go away, even after this template is updated again to fix the behavior. Removing the {{NavigationMissingUsage}} call from affected documentation pages then adding it back again will clear off any of these residual links. reset= and eliminate= DPL options are supposed to stop this, but they don't (i.e. eliminate is completely broken at time of writing, and reset doesn't seem to affect this).