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Adds common text to the "Emulation Information" portion of Wii titles that do not boot when using certain invalid combinations of game region and Wii language setting. See {{Problems}} for other shared problem statements.


{{Problems/Language Region Mismatch|JP=SB4J01, SB4W01|NA=SB4E01|EU=SB4P01|KO=SB4K01}}

If a game has not been released in all four regions, leave out the arguments for regions where the game hasn't been released.


Language Region Mismatch

Problems/Language Region Mismatch might not start unless the Wii language setting is set to a value matching the region of the game. With Dolphin 5.0-10866 or newer, the language setting will automatically match the region of the game, and there is a new setting (Options > Configuration > General > Allow Mismatched Region Settings) used for optionally disabling this behavior. On older versions of Dolphin (or if Mismatched Region Settings is turned on), you may need to change the Wii language setting manually (Options > Configuration > Wii > System Language) and choose a compatible language by region:

  • Japanese for NTSC-J (SB4J01, SB4W01)
  • English, Spanish, or French for NTSC-U (SB4E01)
  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Dutch for PAL (SB4P01)
  • Korean for NTSC-K (SB4K01)

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