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Discussion: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GC) - Hyperthreading

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I know this is mentioned in the Config section of


  • Tested with Dolphin-win-x64-v3.0-767
  • My processor is in an Intel Core i7-2600 on an intel H67 motherboard from asus (CM6580-01) which cannot be overclocked (I believe that you need an intel P67 to overclock through the BIOS).
  • So my cpu is stuck at 3.4GHz (turbo to 3.8GHz, but never goes above 3.6Ghz, definetly not 4.0Ghz+ [as most people have stated for DPS LLE Preformance])

I enabled accurate vbeam emulation (this got rid of the audio skipping with DSP LLE, but dropped from 30fps to 15fps) [without vbeam, I believe it was 30fps, but the audio would skip]

-- I tried enabled 'Lock threads to core' and several other options, none of them worked.

When I disabled hyper-threading in the BIOS (so my system would appear to windows as a quad-core, rather and a system with 8 cores) After, that (disabled vbeam emulation) and I had no audio skipping and was maxing out at 30fps (no slow down) [have not been to hyrule field yet] -- link almost moves too fast now.

This is way I added the comment to the Twlighe Princess page -- maybe a note about 'hyper-threading' should be added to the Performance guide, just as a side note (allowing a user to test that and see if it works, when all else fails)