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Infobox VG is used on all game pages to display a title's compatibility rating along with various other information, including the title's GameIDs, release dates, and box art. Categories are also generated depending on the parameters to indicate information about the title, and flag parts of the infobox that may need improvement. When creating a new page, the infobox should be fleshed out with as much release information as possible.


The following parameters are considered required on all pages:

{{Infobox VG
|image     =
|developer =
|publisher =
|released  =
|genre     =
|modes     =
|input     =
|forumlink =


Infobox VG
Compatibility Stars0.pngNote.svg.png
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The following are the only valid parameters accepted by this template.

  • |image= Box cover art. Supply only with [[File:{{SUBPAGENAME}}.jpg|300px]]. The image size tag is optional, used to resize when the image is not 300px (or 160px for WiiWare titles, 350px for Wii Channels).
  • |channeltype= Used only in Wii Channel pages. Valid value to use: Downloadable, Downloadable (third party), Pre-installed, or Game Channel.
  • |developer= May be supplied with {{vgrelease|}} template to list developers by region. Further details on how to use vgrelease are available at Template:vgrelease.
  • |publisher= May be supplied with {{vgrelease|}} template to list publishers by region. Further details on how to use vgrelease are available at Template:vgrelease.
  • |series= Used only for games that are part of a series with more than one title playable in Dolphin. Input there will be italicized automatically.
  • |released= Supply only with {{vgrelease|}} template(s). Further details on how to use vgrelease are available at Template:vgrelease.
  • |genre=
  • |modes= Valid modes of play: Single-player, Multiplayer (#), Co-op (#), Online (#). Separate modes with commas. Parentheses are required. "Online" here means online multiplayer, not online functionality.
  • |input= Valid controller inputs: Active Heart Rate Monitor, Arcade Controller, Classic Controller, Cyberbike, Dance Pad, DK Bongos, TaTaCon, Drawsome Tablet, Drum Controller, Game Boy Advance, GameCube Controller, Guitar Controller, Keyboard Controller, Microphone, Nintendo DS, Nunchuk, Ride Controller, Shinkansen Controller, Skylander Portal, Speed Force Wireless, Turntable Controller, uDraw GameTablet, USB Keyboard, Wii Balance Board, Wii MotionPlus, Wii MotionPlus + Nunchuk, Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk, Wii Speak, Your Shape Camera. Separate controller inputs with commas.
  • |forumlink= Supply only with Dolphin forum page URL. As the forums have restrictions on creating per-game threads, this can only be created and added to the infobox by users with privileges on the forums.
  • |wikipedia= Wikipedia page title, only when automatic link does not work; see F1 2002.