The Daring Game for Girls

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The Daring Game for Girls
Developer(s) WXP
Publisher(s) Majesco Entertainment
Platform(s) Wii
Release date(s) NA March 9, 2009
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (4)
Input methods Wii Remote + Nunchuk
Compatibility 3Stars3.pngEdit rating: The Daring Game for Girls
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The Daring Game for Girls is an entertaining and informative adventure that lets players virtually experience activities straight from the popular book. Players can pick from one of several character models with a wide range of ethnicities and features. As they play, girls will earn gear and collectibles while having fun in spy missions, cave exploration, freeze tag, double dutch, basketball, arts and crafts, managing a corner stand, making friends, and much more. Players will also learn educational facts about famous women in history and use that knowledge to ace Pop Quizzes. Only by earning all six types of Daring Girl Badges - including Girl Lore, Life Skills and World Knowledge - can players realize an adventure to Africa, the Amazon or Mt. McKinley and become a true Daring Girl!


Invalid Read

Two invalid read errors occur after the initial Wii Remote safety warning and then the game hangs. Underclocking the CPU in Dolphin's Config / Advanced tab allows the game to proceed past the hang, 6% seems to work though that may be dependent on the specific hardware. Speed can be increased once the title has booted. issue 10821.


Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed.


Config Setting Notes
CPU Clock Override 6% Allows the game to boot

Version Compatibility

The graph below charts the compatibility with The Daring Game for Girls since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred.

5.0-21736 (current)
2.0 (r5384)
Compatibility can be assumed to align with the indicated revisions. However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Please update as appropriate.


This title has been tested on the environments listed below:

Test Entries
Revision OS CPU GPU Result Tester
5.0-21088 Windows 11 AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3.6 GHz NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 I followed the above Invalid Read fix, and got it to boot at 11%/79MHz. Once the game has reached the Majesco screen, it's safe to turn it up to 100% again. Gameplay starts and functions, but if double core is turned on, there are severe slowdowns when approaching any NPC character (which is very often), having got as low as 26fps in a game that supports 60fps.

Setting "Enable Double Core" to Off, reduced the slowdown significantly (Never dipped below 45fps), but not fully.

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