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From Norway. Good at sorting and documentation in general, across many fields of activities. Skilled with AutoWikiBrowser. Does acknowledge and adjust to feedback. Has large experience with wiki work in general.

Other wikis I've worked on:

  • Wikipedia (Going well enough as of March 2024.)
  • Lost Media Wiki (Primarily Tinker Bell 1, Nintendo Puzzle Collection, and Wii Fit Body Check Channel.)
  • The Sims Wikia (Solving the deep secrets and mechanics of Sims 3 as of March 2024, but ended up in a beef with the admin team, and am now just hoping to do my own stuff there.)
  • pixiv Encyclopedia (To say I've actively worked there would be an overstatement, but I have had new pages there approved.)
  • Disney Fairies Wikia (Added info on mostly Europe-exclusive media, and then ran out of more such media to add info for, so I felt I had completed my duties there with success.)
  • PCSX2 Wiki (Also completed my duties there, especially as AutoWikiBrowser simply doesn't work there anymore as of 18 March 2024.)
  • MLP G5 Wikia (I disagreed with the other fans on whether Sparky Sparkeroni was a big mistake to add to the franchise, so I left.)
  • PCGamingWiki (I left due to the rest of their Discord server almost overnight believing in the conspiracy theory that Sony, Capcom, Black Lives Matter, and Deep State have somehow agreed to make female protagonists in American-made games "ugly".)

Things to keep in mind, as I understood them

  • WSA is indeed on Android 13; I crosschecked it with my own setup.
  • WSA OS is Windows 11 (though the one test entry I did write for WSA, will likely be sufficient for WSA years to come.)
    • Same goes for WSL.
  • Shutdown TV/movie apps will forever retain the pre-shutdown rating.
    • Yes, typically these titles are still emulated accurately (i.e. the same as on consoles), it's just the services behind them are no longer supported. Some with non-perfect ranks might be emulated well enough now to now be perfect, but it's hard to confirm since the services are down, we may want to revisit this at some point. Kolano (talk) 02:57, 10 March 2024 (CET)
  • The way I understand Project:Wiki Conventions, is that all problems go into Emulation Information, unless it's something that affects Dolphin game ratings, in which case it goes into Problems? I'm honestly unsure by now.
    • Most problems go into Problems. Emulation information is typically used for things like in game bugs that occur on actual consoles or in some cases providing explanation of how things are emulated. For instance the various character scanning add-ons of things like Skylanders. Kolano (talk) 02:52, 10 March 2024 (CET)
  • Apparently the Problems list is not supposed to be chronological, but instead it's the unfixed ones that go first, followed by the fixed ones?
    • Yes. Fine grained analysis of when problems started frequently doesn't occur, which makes more specific ordering difficult. So for now it's unsolved issues occur before solved ones and the specific ordering beyond that is not clear. Kolano (talk) 02:52, 10 March 2024 (CET)
  • Using Template:Image is important for inline images, even more so as |thumb| didn't seem to work correctly when I last tested in early March 2024.

To-do list

20 February 2024

  • Compare the functionalities of integrated vs standalone mGBA.
  • Get the prototype screen thing for when Forecast Channel is convinced it needs to be updated.
  • Add a dedicated "Resource-intensive" section to The Sims 3.

28 February 2024

  • " Vulcan([ .,])" → " Vulkan$1" (Case-sensitive; make sure it doesn't cause issues with title names) (Bad idea; conflicts with both screenshot name and a boss fight in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes).
  • "NVIDIA GeForce GTX? ([2-4]0[5-9])0)" → "NVIDIA GeForce RTX $1"
  • Geforce → GeForce (?)
    • Not yet sure how to ideally auto-correct Ryzen CPU names into 3/5/7 yet. Was able to correct model gens, but Hz rate correction is unfortunately too impractical to set up.
  • WSL (Linux) testing of, let's say, Mario Party 6, provided WSL's Ubuntu support hasn't completely collapsed permanently despite me suspecting it has. It really was that difficult.
  • Create Template:Problems/No controller rumble.

3 March 2024

7 March 2024

There can't be much more left now, before I'd begin doing multi-wiki work with by testing The Sims 2: Castaway.

10 March 2024

19 March 2024

  • It's been an honour.