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I am working on doing several things for all existing game pages:

  • If it's not already in place, copy/paste a cleaned-up Infobox from Wikipedia into the game page
  • Update templates to use the most recent versions, rather than redirected versions
  • Ensure that all sections that need user updates have a template to copy-paste, or a link to further documentation
  • Update pages to conform to the standard game page -- Problems, Configuration, Version Compatibility, Testing, Gameplay Videos
  • Remove existing non-used config variables if they are present in the page


Hooray for programming mini-project! I put together a script that takes the Infobox and summary from Wikipedia, then the existing Dolphin Wiki article, and creates a standards-compliant merge of the two. For an example of what this script does, please see Call of Duty: Black Ops/sandbox. Revision 23655 is before, Revision 23677 is after. I did NOT do any additional touchup between these revs, as I wanted to show exactly what the script was doing.

I have updated the page to match what I believe to be current standard. I intend to start running this script for many pages starting tomorrow evening, so PLEASE review the newest revision of Call of Duty: Black Ops/sandbox to ensure that I'm not missing anything! I would hate to do a bunch of mass changes and then have to go repair them all.

Also, expect this script to have a bug or two until I can get it working and find out the issues with it.

Let me know your thoughts!

--Keller999 13:15, 18 August 2011 (CEST)

Version 1.02 Updated

I started out regenerating every page with the latest Wikipedia information, but quickly realized that was going to be not only really slow, but I didn't think it was right to replace all the hard work that's been done on the game pages. So if a page already has good information, I'm running it through the script without inputting Wikipedia information. Fortunately, the script handles that just fine and still cleans up the article and adds new categories as expected.

I updated the script twice, to v1.02 now. Most of the changes are a result of bugs I've hit as I've been processing. At some point, I may see if I can script this process JUST for article cleanup, not for new Wikipedia info. Would have to be extremely careful and go through a lot of testing, but this is definitely an automate-able process.

Did several game page updates tonight, working through Category:Pages using the outdated Testing template. Once I'm through that, I'll see how the other "Pages with..." categories and looking. This one should at LEAST take me several nights, though. =P

--Keller999 12:48, 20 August 2011 (CEST)

Some feedback...
  • Some pages have a section at their end for outside links (i.e. Wikipedia, Dolphin forum posts, etc.) not clear that's handled here. Such requires some cleanup as I think different section titles are used on different pages, though I believe it is consistently the last section on the page.
  • Currently anything after Gameplay Videos but before categories/nav will be lumped in with Gameplay Videos. I'm not currently doing any processing on Gameplay Videos at all, so the entry would be preserved exactly as-is. This may need further investigation. Do you have a sample page?
Generally, I think it would be good to include a link to the Wikipedia entry, and a Dolphin games forum link for each game (where they exist). The later would be complex to automate, but I think the former should be fairly easy. We might also want to include a link to the Issue's list in Google Code /w the game title as a search term. Section should probably be called the more generic "Related Links" to allow for the wide array of things to link in. Kolano 02:59, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • Perfect, I will take a look. I will see how hard it might be to do a separate parsing of those sections. Since the names are not consistent, I'm not sure how it will be detected, but I'll see what I can do. As far as "Related Links", I like that idea a lot. The easiest method would be to link to a bunch of search urls -- Wikipedia, dolphin game page forums, dolphin Google code page, and Dolphin wiki. I'll see if I can add this, shouldn't be too hard. --Keller999 04:03, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • I think they tend to have "Links" in their titles, so you can probably pick up on that.Kolano 05:15, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • Regarding "Platforms" in the infobox, generally we're only interested in platforms supported by Dolphin (i.e. GameCube, Wii, Virtual Console systems). I'd actually prefer to omit this line, as it's confusing for titles on multiple platforms which have multiple pages on the Wiki (though it would be good to interlink the platform page pairs where they exist.
  • The script is purging any platform that is not supported by Dolphin, and then wikifying the ones that remain. If we were to agree on a standard for how pages should be named when they are available on more than one platform, it would be easy to add a 'This page is about the [[GameCube]] version of Super Tonka Trucks. You may also be interested in [[Super Tonka Trucks (Wii)]].' to the top of the page, a la Wikipedia style. Might also make sense to make disambiguation pages, and link to those. Your thoughts?
  • We more or less had decided to forgo the Platforms parameter previously, due to the confusion it could cause. A consistent naming format does exist, in the cases where a title is supported on both GameCube and Wii, two pages exist with different postfixes " (GC)" and " (Wii)". Unfortunately, since I'm unaware of any means to do text parsing within Wiki logic, I don't think a Wiki logic approach allows for resolution. The script can do the text parsing, but I'm still unsure it's worth bothering over.Kolano 02:59, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • Disambiguation pages for these would make sense, at least one exists for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but I don't think any of the other instances are covered.Kolano 02:59, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • I'll see if I can figure out a way to find games that have multiple platforms, and start creating disambig pages for them. --Keller999 04:03, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • There aren't that many of them (~14), the easy way is probably to just search for them and manually generate appropriate pages. The Wii postfix search doesn't work out, as the non-parentetical use is too common, but the GameCube postfix works out better: Titles for disambiguation (i.e. including "(GC)"
  • Is this ignoring unsupported platforms? I got the impression for Virtual Console titles the script was just including a full list.Kolano 02:59, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
  • Currently, Virtual Console is treated just like another supported platform -- it is included and Wikified. If both Virtual Console and say, Nintendo 64 are listed, Nintendo 64 is getting purged. I think the logic I would like to use is "if it has Virtual Console in the platforms, wikify and include all platforms regardless of whether they're supported by Dolphin". On another note, does it even make sense for us to include Virtual Console titles in the wiki? I know the devs are of the opinion that you should use an emulator for the original console, and I tend to agree with them. There is no work that I'm aware of to improve support for Virtual Console games. --Keller999 04:03, 22 August 2011 (CEST)
Kolano 00:45, 21 August 2011 (CEST)
  • Thanks for your feedback, keep em coming. --Keller999 01:10, 21 August 2011 (CEST)

Continued feedback...

  • Testing sections: I need to start discussion around this in the Testing template, but in any case, I'm considering some revisions there. You'll note I revised the testing template to start generating "Tested On" categories, at least for OS's. Such works out to some degree there, as there are a limited number of inputs, but similar methods won't work well for high variety of the current CPU/GPU sections. Follow up on such in... Template talk:Testing/entry. In any case, I may want the script to handle reparsing some of the testing fields into separate values.Kolano 05:15, 22 August 2011 (CEST)

Runs great on my Linux box, uses no special modules. I know for a fact that system('clear') does NOT work in Windows, but you could probably replace it with system('cls') and get the same effect.

Version History


  • Initial release


  • Image is now always parsed, and will set the size based on platforms detected. Defaults to Wii (300px)
  • If no Wikipedia Infobox is supplied, re-use the one from the Dolphin wiki page
  • If no Infobox is supplied at all, generate a generic one
  • Better supports not providing information (for example, if you don't supply a Wikipedia entry, the description from the Dolphin page will be reused)
  • Added shortcut to just generate a generic template


  • input and platforms are now preferred from the original article, if they exist
  • added some more regex-magic to clean up formatting I found in wikipedia articles
  • whenever the script reads in Infobox params, it now picks them apart and recompiles them so that they always look the same. About the only thing NOT be recompiled now is the Problems and Video sections.
  • instead of using the existing article's Infobox as-is, we now treat it like it came from Wikipedia so that it gets the same processing
  • The "Automatic Categories" note now only shows up if automatic categories are, in fact, generated
  • Virtual Console handling in place. Unfortunately, the script strips out the platform being emulated -- need to work on this.
  • Categories are now always capitalized
  • Mention of any of our supported systems in description text is now automatically Wiki-fied


  • Testing section example now shows correct format


  • Updated Version Compatibility user hint for the new capabilities
  • Turned the automatically-generated category note into a maintenance category instead -- delete it when you've reviewed the auto-generated categories. Auto-generated categories will still be below the special category, while existing categories are above.


  • The end of the infobox from the existing page will now be more accurately detected
  • Compensation for a strange copy-paste error when there's a space after the image filename
  • WiiWare games will no longer be automatically categorized as Wii games too
  • Category:Single-player games is now filtered out -- I will go back and remove everything from it as well. I figure, ALL games are single player.
  • Script no longer mangles description text with the word 'Wii' in it


  • Template:nihongo is now handled. Replaced with the subpage name, since this is almost always used to give the Japanese for the game in question on Wikipedia. Other option would be to replace with the literal translation, but that often does not match the actual game name.
  • Trailing spaces no longer cause extra subheadings to be generated


  • Wii with a non-space will now be properly converted into a wiki link


  • Preserve spacing in existing descriptions (still needs some work, double spacing is not kept)
  • Spacing adjustments
  • Improvement on the default infobox (which is broken at the moment, working on that)


  • Omit infobox title parameter


  • Embolden title in description
  • Fix for extra tester params being generated
  • Keep line breaks from Wikipedia article
  • Only keep the input line from the existing article if it's actually set
  • Fix tester regex to stop duplications, whoops -- capture groups mistake
  • Template:nihongo is better handled now


  • Only keep all existing Infobox params if they're set
  • Handle and remove 'citation needed'


  • Makes |tester= optional, entries are still purged if the other params are missing (is this desirable or not?)
  • Testing type entry is now kept if present. Config type was always kept by the script, so no change needed.
  • When replacing Template:nihongo, bold gamepageupdate

my (@wikipedia, @originalPage);
my (@infoboxSection, @descriptionSection, @problemSection, @configurationSection, @versionCompatSection, @testingSection, @videoSection, @categorySection);
my @finalResult;

$imageSize = 300; # Assuming Wii by default

my ($image, $savedSizeLine, $savedInputLine, $savedPlatformsLine, $pageType);


print "************************************\n";
print "* Dolphin Wiki Page Update v1.1.01 *\n";
print "************************************\n\n";

print "First, copy and paste the game's Wikipedia article from the top to wherever you'd like to end the new description.  Zero input is fine.  Enter \'-1\' to indicate the end, or -2 to just get a blank template.\n\n";

# Wikipedia input
while (($line ne "-1") and ($line ne "-2")) {
        $line = <STDIN>;

        if (($line ne "-1") and ($line ne "-2")) {
                push (@wikipedia,$line);

if ($line eq "-2") {
	$line = "-1";
} else {
	$line = "";


print "************************************\n";
print "* Dolphin Wiki Page Update v1.1.01 *\n";
print "************************************\n\n";

print "Now, copy and paste the existing Dolphin wiki article to import existing information.  Zero input is fine.  Enter \'-1\' to indicate the end.\n\n";

# Dolphin page input
while ($line ne "-1") {
        $line = <STDIN>;

        if ($line ne "-1") {
                push (@originalArticle,$line);


# (@infoboxSection, @descriptionSection, @problemSection, @configurationSection, @versionCompatSection, @testingSection, @videoSection, @categorySection);
$currentSection = "none";
$foundDolphinInfobox = 0;

foreach (@originalArticle) {
	$newLine = $_;
	$checkLine = $_;

	if    ($newLine =~ /^\{\{\ *Infobox.*/i) { $currentSection = "infobox"; $foundDolphinInfobox = 1; }	
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *Problems\ *\=*\s*$/i) { $currentSection = "problems"; }
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *Configuration\ *\=*\s*$/i) { $currentSection = "configuration"; }
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *Version Compatibility\ *\=*\s*$/i) { $currentSection = "versionCompat"; }
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *Testing\ *\=*\s*$/i) { $currentSection = "testing"; }
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *Gameplay\ {1,}Videos\ *\=*\s*$/i) { $currentSection = "videos"; }
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\[\[Category\:.*\]\]$/i) { $currentSection = "categories"; }
	elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\{\{Navigation\ .*\}\}$/i) { $currentSection = "categories"; }

	if ($currentSection eq "infobox") {
		if ($newLine =~ /^\{\{\ *Infobox.*/i) {   # This is the start of the Infobox, ignore
			# ignore
		} elsif (($newLine =~ /^\}\}$/) or ($newLine =~ /^.*\}{4}$/)) {   # This is the end of the Infobox, change section and ignore
			$currentSection = "description";
		} else {   # We want to keep anything else in the infobox.  This is in case the user didn't give us a wikipedia article to generate a new one from
			$newLine =~ s/^\|(\S*)\ *=\ *(.*)/\|$1 \= $2/i;
			push (@infoboxSection, $newLine);

			# Now we save the image filename and size to be added onto wikipedia's infobox, if its provided
			if ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *image\ *=\ *(.+)/gi) {
				if ($1 =~ /\S/) {
					$image = $newLine;
					# just keep the filename, and format 
					$image =~ s/\|image\ *\=\ *\[\[(?:File|Image)\ *\:\ *(.+?\..+?)(?:\||\]|\.){1,2}.*/$1/i;
			} elsif ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *size\ *=\ *(.+)/gi) {
				if ($1 =~ /\S/) {
					$savedSizeLine = $newLine; # saved for later
					$savedSizeLine =~ s/^\|size\ *=\ *(.*)/\|size \=\ $1/i;
			} elsif ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *input\ *=\ *(.+)/gi) {
				if ($1 =~ /\S/) {
					$savedInputLine = $newLine; # saved for later
					$savedInputLine =~ s/^\|input\ *=\ *(.*)/\|input \=\ $1/i;
			} elsif ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *platforms{0,1}\ *=\ *(.+)/gi) {
				if ($1 =~ /\S/) {
					$savedPlatformsLine = $newLine; # saved for later
					$savedPlatformsLine =~ s/^\|platforms{0,1}\ *=\ *(.*)/\|platforms \=\ $1/i;
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "description") {
		# We're pretty much going to assume that if it's in this section, we want to keep it all as-is
		push (@descriptionSection, $newLine);
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "problems") {
		if ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *Problems\ *\=*$/i) {   # Matches the section heading, ignore
			# ignore
		} elsif ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *(.*?)\ *\=*\ *$/gm) {   # This is a sub-heading.  Reformat it
			push (@problemSection, "\=\=\= $1 \=\=\=");
		} else {   # This is something else in the problem section, like user input.  Keep it
			push (@problemSection, $newLine);
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "configuration") {
		if ($newLine =~ /\|\ *.*\=\ *\S+.*$/gi) {   # This is a config entry that has been filled out
			push (@configurationSection, $newLine);
		} # Anything besides filled-out config params are not needed, the rest will be regenerated
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "versionCompat") {
		if ($newLine =~ /^\{\{VersionCompatibilityVersion\|\s*(.+)\s*\|\s*(.+)\s*(\|\s*(.+)\s*)?\}\}$/gi) {   # Version compat report that's been filled out
			$versionCompatEntry = "\{\{VersionCompatibilityVersion\|$1\|$2".(($3)?"\|$3":"")."\}\}";
			push (@versionCompatSection, $versionCompatEntry);
		} # Anything besides filled-out compat reports are not needed, the rest will be regenerated
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "testing") {
		if ($newLine =~ /\{\{.*(\|type\=.*?)\}\}/gi) {
			$pageType = $1;
		if ($newLine =~ /^\{\{.+?\|revision\=\s*(.*?)\s*\|os\=\s*(.*?)\s*\|cpu\=\s*(.*?)\s*\|gpu\=\s*(.*?)\s*\|result\=\s*(.*?)\s*(?:\|tester\=\s*(.*?)\s*?){0,1}\}\}/i) {
			# Matches test reports with all variables set (tester is optional) and dissects for reassembly (muahahaha!)
			$testResult = "\{\{testing\/entry\|revision\=$1\|OS\=$2\|CPU\=$3\|GPU\=$4\|result\=$5\|tester\=".(($6)?"$6":"")."\}\}";
			push (@testingSection, $testResult);
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "videos") {
		if ($newLine =~ /^\ *\={1,4}\ *.*Videos\ *\=*$/i) {   # Matches the section heading, ignore
			# ignore
		} else {   # Keep everything else
			push (@videoSection, $newLine);
	} elsif ($currentSection eq "categories") {   # We keep all existing categories, and add some new auto-generated ones!
		if ($newLine =~ /^\[\[Category\:\ *(.*)\ *\]\]/i) {   # This is a category entry
			push (@categorySection, "\[\[Category:" . $1 . "\]\]");
		} elsif ($newLine =~ /^\{\{Navigation\ *(.*)\ *\}\}/i) {   # This is a navigation entry
			push (@categorySection, "\{\{Navigation " . $1 . "\}\}");


$foundWikipediaInfobox = 0;
$insideInfobox = 0;

my @autoCategory;


if (not(@wikipedia)) {  #if we didn't get anything from Wikipedia, use the existing info from the article
	push (@wikipedia, '{{Infobox VG');
	push (@wikipedia, @infoboxSection);
	push (@wikipedia, '}}');
	push (@wikipedia, @descriptionSection);

foreach (@wikipedia) {
	$newLine = $_;

	$platforms  = "\|platforms \= ";
	$platformAltered = 0;
	$skip = 0;
	$skipUnWiki = 0;

	if ($newLine =~ /^\{\{\ *Infobox.*/i) {
		push (@finalResult, '{{Infobox VG');
		$foundWikipediaInfobox = 1;
		$insideInfobox = 1;
		$skip = 1;

	if ($newLine =~ /\|\ *platforms/gi) {

		# If the previous article, had a platforms list, we trust it over the Wikipedia one
		if ($savedPlatformsLine) { $newLine = $savedPlatformsLine; }

		if ($newLine =~ /.*Wii(\s|\||\]|\,$)/i) {
			$platforms .= '[[Wii]] ';
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }			
			push (@autoCategory, "[[Category:Wii games]]");
			$platformAltered = 1;
			$imageSize = 300;

                if ($newLine =~ /GameCube/i) {
			$platforms .= '[[GameCube]] ';
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }
			push (@autoCategory, "[[Category:GameCube games]]");
			$platformAltered = 1;
			$imageSize = 300;

                if ($newLine =~ /WiiWare/i) {
       	        	$platforms .= '[[WiiWare]] ';
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }
			push (@autoCategory, "[[Category:WiiWare games]]");
			$platformAltered = 1;
			$imageSize = 175;

		#Virtual Console
		#TODO: If Virtual Console is found, we need to include the WHOLE list of platforms without filtering
		if ($newLine =~ /.*Virtual\ *Console.*/i) {
			$platforms .= '[[Virtual Console]] ';
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }
			push (@autoCategory, "[[Category:Virtual Console games]]");
			$platformAltered = 1;
			$imageSize = 300;

                if ($newLine =~ /TriForce/i) {
               		$platforms .= '[[Triforce]] ';
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }
			push (@autoCategory, "[[Category:Triforce games]]");
			$platformAltered = 1;
			$imageSize = 300;

		push (@finalResult,$platforms);
		$skip = 1;
		$skipUnWiki = 1;

	#Purge un-used parameters
	if ($insideInfobox) {
		# If the parameter is not in our list, it's ignored
		if ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *(developer|publisher|distributor|director|producer|designer|programmer|artist|composer|license|series|engine|resolution|released|genre|mode|ratings|dspcode|dtkadpcm|channeltype|mode|modes)\ *=\ *.{2,}/gi) {
			$skip = 0;
			$newLine =~ s/^\|(\S*)\ *=\ *(.*)/\|$1 \= $2/i;
		} else {
			$skip = 1;

	#Un-wiki-fy everything
        if ($skipUnWiki eq 0) {
		$newLine =~ s/\<ref.+?\/.{0,3}\>//gi; # remove citations references
		$newLine =~ s/\{\{vgy\|([0-9]{4})\}\}/$1/gi; # we don't do Template:vgy, removing
		$newLine =~ s/\{\{nihongo\|.+\}\}/\'\'\'\{\{SUBPAGENAME\}\}\'\'\'/gi; # we don't do Template:nihongo.  Since this is almost always the name of the page, replace with {{SUBPAGENAME}}
		$newLine =~ s/\{\{cite.*?\}\}//gi; # remove references
		$newLine =~ s/\{\{Citation needed.*?\}\}//gi; # remove 'citation needed'
		$newLine =~ s/\[\[(([.]|[^\|])+?)\]\]/$1/g; # un-wiki-fy wiki links in the format [[link]]
                $newLine =~ s/\[\[.+?\|(.+?)\]\]/$1/g; # un-wiki-fy wiki links in the format [[link|name]]

	#Set genre categories
	if ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *genre/ ne "") {
		$genreLine = $newLine;
		$genreLine =~ s/^\|\ *genre\ *\=\ *//i;
		$genreLine =~ s/(\<.+?\>)|\(|\)/\,/gi; # try to clean this line up a bit
		@genres = split (/\,|\<br.*?\>/,$genreLine);
		foreach (@genres) {
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }
			$line = $_;

			if ($line ne "") {
				$line =~ s/^\ *//;
				$line =~ s/\ +$//;
				$line =~ s/\ *(game|games)\ *//i;
				$line = ucfirst $line;
				push (@autoCategory, "\[\[Category:" . $line . " games\]\]");
	#Set mode categories
	if ($newLine =~ /^\|\ *mode/ ne "") {
		$modeLine = $newLine;
		$modeLine =~ s/^\|\ *modes{0,1}\ *\=\ *//i;
		$modeLine =~ s/(\<.+?\>)|\(|\)/\,/gi; # try to clean this line up a bit
		@modes = split (/\,|\<br.*?\>/,$modeLine);
		foreach (@modes) {
			if (@autoCategory eq 0) { push (@autoCategory, '[[Category:Pages with automatically-added categories that have not been verified]]'); }
			$line = $_;

			if (($line ne "") and (not($line =~ /.*single.*/i))) {
				$line =~ s/(\<.+?\>)|\(|\)/\,/gi;
				$line =~ s/^\ *//;
				$line =~ s/\ +$//;
				$line = ucfirst $line;
				push (@autoCategory, "\[\[Category:" . $line . " games\]\]");

	if ($newLine =~ /^\}\}$/) { #this is the end of the Infobox
		if ($savedSizeLine ne "") { push (@finalResult, $savedSizeLine); }  # Saved size
		if ($savedInputLine ne "") { push (@finalResult, $savedInputLine); }  # Saved input
		if ($image ne "") { # Saved image line
			push (@finalResult, '|image = [[File:' . $image . '|' . $imageSize . 'px]]'); 
		} elsif ($image eq "") {
			push (@finalResult, '|image = [[File:{{SUBPAGENAME}}.png|' . $imageSize . 'px]]');

		push (@finalResult, $newLine);
		$skip = 1;
		$insideInfobox = 0;

	#Wiki-fy some of the terms that we have on our wiki
	if (($foundWikipediaInfobox eq 1) and ($skip eq 0)) {
		if ($insideInfobox eq 0) {
			$newLine =~ s/GameCube/[[GameCube]]/i;
			$newLine =~ s/Nintendo GameCube/[[GameCube]]/i;
			$newLine =~ s/Wii(\W)/[[Wii]]$1/i;
			$newLine =~ s/WiiWare/[[WiiWare]]/i;
			$newLine =~ s/Virtual Console/[[Virtual Console]]/i;
			$newLine =~ s/Triforce/[[Triforce]]/i;

		push (@finalResult,$newLine);


# At this point, the Infobox and the summary are in place.  Now, time to add our checked and re-formatted content sections.

# Need to combine our categories and make sure there are no duplicates
foreach (@autoCategory) {
	$fullCat = $_;
	my $shortCat;
	$dupe = 0;

	if (($fullCat =~ /^\[\[Category\:\ *(.*)\ *\]\]/i) or ($fullCat =~ /^\{\{Navigation\ *(.*)\ *\}\}/i)) {
		$shortCat = $1;

	foreach (@categorySection) {
		$compareCatLong = $_;
		my $compareCatShort;

		if (($compareCatLong =~ /^\[\[Category\:\ *(.*)\ *\]\]/i) or ($compareCatLong =~ /^\{\{Navigation\ *(.*)\ *\}\}/i)) {
			$compareCatShort = $1;

		if (lc($compareCatShort) eq lc($shortCat)) {
			$dupe = 1;

	if ($dupe eq 0) {
		push (@categorySection, $_);

if (($foundWikipediaInfobox eq 1) and ($foundDolphinInfobox eq 1)) {
	# If a Wikipedia Infobox was received, it was already pushed into @finalResult.
	# TODO: Wikipedia parsing should push into its own array, which is then added in this section
} elsif (($foundWikipediaInfobox eq 0) and ($foundDolphinInfobox eq 0)) { # We didn't get ANY infoboxes, create a generic one
	push (@finalResult, '{{Infobox VG');
	push (@finalResult, '|image = [[File:{{SUBPAGENAME}}.png|300px]]');
	push (@finalResult, '}}');	

if ((@descriptionSection) and ($foundWikipediaInfobox eq 0)) {   # Only re-use the original description if there was one and we didn't get Wikipedia data
	push (@finalResult, @descriptionSection);

push (@finalResult, "\=\= Problems \=\=");
push (@finalResult, @problemSection);

push (@finalResult, "\n\=\= Configuration \=\=");
push (@finalResult, '<!--A full list of options is available at Template:Config/doc-->');
push (@finalResult, "\{\{Config");
push (@finalResult, @configurationSection);
push (@finalResult, "\}\}");

push (@finalResult, "\n\=\= Version Compatibility \=\=");
push (@finalResult, "\{\{VersionCompatibility\}\}");
push (@finalResult, '<!--Use this template for compatibility entries: {{VersionCompatibilityVersion|revision|****|notes}}-->');
push (@finalResult, @versionCompatSection);
push (@finalResult, "\{\{VersionCompatibilityClose\}\}");

push (@finalResult, "\n\=\= Testing \=\=");
push (@finalResult, "\{\{testing\/start" . $pageType . "\}\}");
push (@finalResult, '<!--Use this template for test entries: {{testing/entry|revision=|OS=|CPU=|GPU=|result=|tester=}}-->');
push (@finalResult, @testingSection);
push (@finalResult, "\{\{testing\/end\}\}");

push (@finalResult, "\n\=\= Gameplay Videos \=\=");
push (@finalResult, @videoSection);

push (@finalResult, @categorySection);


system ('clear');

print "****************\n";
print "* FINAL OUTPUT *\n";
print "****************\n";

foreach (@finalResult) {
	print $_ . "\n";

print "\n\n";