Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Developer(s) Neversoft
Publisher(s) Activision
Series Tony Hawk
Platform(s) GameCube
Release date(s) NA November 18, 2001
EU May 3, 2002
Genre(s) Sports, Skateboarding
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (2)
Input methods GameCube Controller
Compatibility 4Stars4.pngEdit rating: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the third game released in the Tony Hawk's series and the first released for the Nintendo GameCube, developed by Neversoft and released by Activision on October 28, 2001. In this series, you play as one of many different pro skaters or a skater of your own, exploring different zones and trying to complete objectives all while busting out awesome tricks and impressing the locals.


Squashed Videos

Since at least 4.0.2, videos are squashed down and don't fully fill the screen. The empty area above displays purple since Hybrid XFB, unless Store XFB Copies to Texture Only is disabled, which changes the purple bar to black. See issue 11631.

Random Crashing

Since at least 5.0-9795, the game may randomly crash with a "CPU thread too fast!" error. Trying to continue anyways through the error will cause Dolphin to crash. This does not happen in 5.0. This is most likely fixed by disabling Dual Core. See issue 11632. Single core mode is default since 5.0-11217.


Widescreen AR Code

The Dolphin Widescreen Hack has clipping issues that can be solved with an AR Code. Make sure the Dolphin Widescreen Hack is disabled before using this code.


041C8920 3FF3CF00
041D54C0 3FF3CF00
040CCD78 4E800020
C2122C44 00000004
91C21000 C1E21000
ED0F0232 ED494024
60000000 00000000


No configuration changes are known to affect compatibility for this title.

Version Compatibility

The graph below charts the compatibility with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred.

5.0-21736 (current)
2.0 (r5384)
Compatibility can be assumed to align with the indicated revisions. However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Please update as appropriate.


This title has been tested on the environments listed below:

Test Entries
Revision OS CPU GPU Result Tester
3.0 Windows 7 Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz AMD Radeon HD 6870 Playable. opening movies only play sound, levels load up fine, but player is invisible.
r7688 Windows 7 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 @ 2.2 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 Unplayable. Graphics are completely distorted. Endres
3.5-1394 Windows 8 Intel Core i7-3840QM @ 2.8 GHz AMD Radeon HD 7970M Unplayable. Freezes before main menu. BAPACop
3.5-1395 Windows 8 Intel Core i7-3840QM @ 2.8 GHz AMD Radeon HD 7970M Unplayable. Freezes before main menu. BAPACop
4.0-1140 Windows 7 Intel Core i5-4670K @ 4.0 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 760 Instant crash with OpenGL. Works fine with Direct3D. Darxide
4.0-4478 Ubuntu 14.04 Intel Core i3-3220 @ 3.3 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Almost perfect with default settings. Physics engine is so accurate, it's actually more accurate than the official Windows port; however, some stages can have slowdown (LA is the worst offender dropping down to 60% for short bursts), there's a couple crackling sound effects here or there, and the videos/cutscenes have some tearing and stuttering issues, but most of these things are avoidable and don't detract from the actual game. Finished career mode 100% with Tony Hawk without major issues. Xerxes
5.0-3648 Windows 10 Intel Core i7-7700K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Nearly flawless, the only issues I encountered were some garbage around upscaled text and the transparency effect missing on the neversoft eye on load screens. IceStrike256
5.0-9795 Windows 10 Intel Core i3-3220 @ 3.3 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 All videos are squashed about 1/10th down from the top of the screen, but no longer stutter. Also, three times while playing (within 2 hours) the game crashed with a "CPU thread is too fast!" error; single core might help with this, but I haven't tried it. Otherwise everything else works fine, didn't notice any crackling sound effects and no slowdown anywhere. Xerxes

Gameplay Videos