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Wii Menu
Developer(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) NA November 19, 2006
JP December 2, 2006
AUS December 7, 2006
EU December 8, 2006
Genre(s) Utility
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer (4)
Input methods Wii Remote, Classic Controller
Compatibility 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu
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The Wii Menu, commonly known as the "System Menu", is the top-level menu interface of the Wii game console, allowing the player to navigate/launch channels, change settings, access the message board/address book, use the SD card, and load discs. The channels are displayed on a 4:3 grid with 4 pages, which the player navigates using the Wii Remote. The grid is customizable; users can move channels (except for the Disc Channel) amongst the menu's 47 customizable slots by pressing and holding the A and B button while hovering over the channel the user wants to move.

Dolphin does not include the Wii Menu by default, and it doesn't need it; it is able to launch games straight from the Dolphin GUI. However, the menu is fully functional; it can load channels and even discs. For instructions on how to install the Wii Menu, and for help in performing it, see the Wii System Menu Tutorial on the forums.

Emulation Information[edit]

No Channels[edit]

The Wii Menu will initially appear without any channels, except for the Disc Channel. This is because Dolphin doesn't come with channels preinstalled as the Wii does; it's up to the user to install them, using the same process that was used to install the Wii Menu.

EULA for Online Services[edit]

Changing some settings in the Wii Menu will ask to accept the EULA again. If the hidden EULA channel isn't installed, it's impossible to accept it and online features of some games won't work. To fix that, get the hidden channel from a game's update partition or from NUS Downloader, install it in Dolphin and then accept the EULA through Wii Menu.

Savestates/GameINIs/Cheats Do Not Work[edit]

Due to how Dolphin works, Dolphin only recognizes the first thing loaded as the game that is being played. For example, if Super Smash Bros. Brawl is loaded from the Game List, and use the home menu to go to the Wii Menu, then change disc and load Xenoblade Chronicles, the game settings from the GameINI, cheats, and even any savestates made will be for Brawl and not Xenoblade. There is no solution at this time.

Alternate Region Titles[edit]

The Wii Menu will only load titles corresponding to its region. This region locking is enforced by the system menu. Use an appropriately aligned version or load alternate region titles via the Game List.


Update Partitions Are Not Detected

No game update partitions are detected because of a bug in IOS HLE. There is no workaround (a solution will be merged soon though).

Format Wii Memory

Using "Format Wii Memory" option works but Dolphin will keep complaining about missing entries in SYSCONF after doing that. The workaround is disabling Panic Handlers or deleting User\Wii\shared2\sys\SYSCONF, letting Dolphin generate a new one.

System Update

Performing a System Update will end with an error 32004 or 32017 and SYSCONF may become corrupt. If SYSCONF gets corrupted, Dolphin may keep crashing at boot until you delete User\Wii\shared2\sys\SYSCONF and let Dolphin generate a new one.

Message Board

Messages cannot be sent/received. Playtime is correctly registered only if a game is loaded through the Wii Menu/Disc Channel and the Wii Menu is returned to after playing. Fixed in 5.0-775.

Copying/Moving Channels to SD Card

Copying/moving channels to SD Card will always fail. Fixed in 5.0-2666.

Channel Management (Wii Menu 2.x)

Deleting channels works but will leave Wii Menu corrupted. To fix that manually locate and remove title.tmd from the deleted channel or update Wii Menu to version 3.0 or newer.

Fixed in 5.0-2660.


Title Region CDN Compatibility
Prelaunch System Menu Stub (Startup Disc) No Region N/A 5PerfectEdit rating: Prelaunch System Menu Stub
Wii Menu 2.0 JP/NA/EU 128/97/130 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 2.0
Wii Menu 2.1 EU 162 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 2.1
Wii Menu 2.2 JP/NA/EU 192/193/194 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 2.2
Wii Menu 3.0 JP/NA/EU 224/225/226 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 3.0
Wii Menu 3.1 JP/NA/EU 256/257/258 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 3.1
Wii Menu 3.2 JP/NA/EU 288/289/290 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 3.2
Wii Menu 3.3 JP/NA/EU/KOR 352/353/354/326 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 3.3
Wii Menu 3.4 JP/NA/EU 384/385/386 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 3.4
Wii Menu 3.5 KOR 390 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 3.5
Wii Menu 4.0 JP/NA/EU 416/417/418 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 4.0
Wii Menu 4.1 JP/NA/EU/KOR 448/449/450/454 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 4.1
Wii Menu 4.2 JP/NA/EU/KOR 480/481/482/486 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 4.2
Wii Menu 4.3 JP/NA/EU/KOR 512/513/514/518 4PlayableEdit rating: Wii Menu 4.3

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