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Triforce Arcade System Unit
Developer Nintendo, Namco, Sega
Type Arcade System Board
Generation Sixth generation
Media GD Rom, ROM cartridge
CPU IBM PowerPC "Gekko", 486 MHz
Graphics Custom ATI/Nintendo "Flipper", 162 MHz
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The Triforce is an arcade system board developed jointly by Namco, Sega, and Nintendo, with the first games appearing in 2002. The name "Triforce" is a reference to Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series of games, and symbolized the three companies' involvement in the project. The system hardware is based on the Nintendo GameCube with several differences, like provisions for add-ons such as Sega's GD-Rom system and upgradeable RAM modules. As with many arcade systems, the Triforce platform has many versions and attachments, and different games use different combinations of hardware components.

The main Dolphin branch cannot currently play Triforce games. However, development for Triforce support is ongoing; see the forum and the Triforce Branch for details.


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