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About me

I'm Sahil. I like to play games (A LOT), edit articles in wikis, blogging, and social media. I am expecting to get a Wii U but can't because of high cost in India, so I have to rely on emulators.

Games that I own

Here are all the games that I have now in Dolphin.

Game/app Type Region Date installed Status (as on recent release)
Super Smash Bros. Melee
NTSC 14 April, '16 Cheats now doesn't crash the game. Works smoothly and sounds like it is.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
PAL 22 April, '16 Have lags back then. Sometimes, foggy parts got filled with its code name. Now have no issues.
Angry Birds Trilogy
16 May, '16 Works smoothly, but still stretches even in "widescreen hack"
Pokémon Rumble
Wii Channel
2 August, '16 Computer suddenly shuts down rarely. Outline of Pokémon are not smooth.
World of Goo
3 August, '16 Pointer doesn't sync with mouse. Set "Center" to 90 in emulated Wiimote settings.
Homebrew Channel
Wii Channel
4 August, '16 Opens fine, and can use mods smoothly.
Super Paper Mario
5 August, '16 Works very smooth but animations won't bound with graphics. Sometimes, Pixls are missing. You can't use grab then, but pointer still works. Tippi remains struck there then. When switching to 3D world, computer freezes, and the only way to fix is to restart it.
Pokémon Snap
Virtual Console
7 August, '16 Works perfectly but flashes do not bound with screen if "widescreen hack" is on.
Paper Mario
Virtual Console
7 August, '16 Works finely.
Super Smash Bros.
Virtual Console
7 August, '16 Works finely.